One Piece: Stampede

One Piece – Stampede is the name of the 13th feature film. Takashi Otsuka acts as director and also contributes the screenplay together with Tomioka Atsuhiro. As in the previous three films, Masayuki Sato is again in charge of the animation and character design. The plot of the film revolves around a pirate festival and a treasure hunt.


Impel Down, Level 6: The Blackbeard pirate gang has the inmates fight each other, with the survivors joining him. Another inmate is still alive, but when Blackbeard realizes who it is, he leaves him alone and goes with the rest.

Two years later, Delta: In a cave, Buena Festa talks to the person left behind by Blackbeard, who is Douglas Bullet. Together they intend to usher in a new pirate era.

Thousand Sunny: The Straw Hat Pirates chats about the Pirates Festival and arrives at Delta shortly after. There, they first tour the island. Buena Festa gets all euphoric when he sees Luffy and the Straw Hats.

Delta: Shortly after, Donald Moderate and Ann welcome the pirates and open the Pirates Festival by introducing this year’s goal. A race between pirates for a treasure from the King of Pirates himself, Gold Roger. Simultaneously, Law flees through the alleys of the city from Buggy and other pursuers and saves himself by using his devil powers on the Thousand Sunny. Smoker and Tashigi are also on the scene.

Through a knock-up stream, a small island is shot out of the middle lake into the sky in a bubble. The treasure is believed to be there and the pirates head there. Besides the Straw Hats, all the other Supernovae take part, with the exception of Law, as well as other pirate gangs, for example the Foxy Pirates or the Barto Club. The Straw Hats reach the island first due to Franky’s conversion of the Sunny.

Thousand Sunny: Shortly before this, however, the Straw Hats spot Law, who enlightens them about Buena Festa’s machinations, so some of the Straw Hats head underground with Law in Shark Submerge 3 while Luffy and the rest continue to participate in the treasure hunt.

Treasure Island: There are many fights on Treasure Island, where Buggy finally manages to grab the treasure chest he is looking for, but this also makes him the target of all the other participants. When he opens the chest, he can’t believe his eyes.

Underground Cave: Meanwhile, Law and Co. learn that Buena Festa appears to be cooperating with the Navy and a Buster Call is being planned. As they are about to leave the cave to warn everyone, they run into Smoker and a brief exchange ensues.

Finally, Douglas Bullet intervenes in the treasure hunt by throwing a ship from Delta onto Treasure Island, destroying it, whereupon all the participants end up in and around the lake in the middle of Delta. The treasure chest lands right in front of Usopp, but he is taken out by Douglas Bullet. While everyone else freezes at the sight of Douglas Bullet, Luffy gets angry because Douglas attacked Usopp and attacks as well, but is easily knocked back. Shortly thereafter, Donald Moderate spots the Navy fleet on the horizon and the guests at the Pirates Festival flee in panic. The Supernovae, on the other hand, go to battle against Douglas Bullet, but are quickly defeated.

Underground Cave: Robin and Law, meanwhile, encounter Crocodile while Sanji continues to fight Smoker and tells him about the Buster Call.

Coast: On the coast, Zoro meets Admiral Fujitora and the rest of the marines head ashore as well.

Underground Cave: Sanji has finished his fight with Smoker and meets Chopper, Brook and Robin. Law has gone along with Crocodile. However, they split up again. Brook and Chopper are to warn Luffy, while Robin goes with Sanji.

Fighting Douglas Bullet: Douglas Bullet now gets serious and merges with his ship using his devil powers, turning him into a large robot. Now things look even worse for the Supernovae and you learn that the treasure is an Eternal Port to Laugh Tale. Eventually, Usopp is able to get himself up and shoots Douglas Bullet.

Coast: While the battle between Zoro and Fujitora continues, the Samurai of the Seas Hawkeye and Boa Hancock also appear. Admiral Kizaru is also told about the treasure, and on the mainland, the battle between the Navy and the pirates rages. In town, Smoker, Tashigi and Hina meet up, with Buggy ending up with them and telling them about the treasure as well. Fujitora then retreats, but leaves behind a meteor that Zoro can split but not destroy. This is done by Hawkeye, who then leaves the island again with Perona.

City, Delta: After all the supernovae are defeated, Douglas Bullet goes to the city in the robot, where he presents his awakened devil powers and merges with the entire island as well as many ships. As a result, he becomes a giant monster. Furthermore, he raises the edge of the island, thus blocking everyone’s escape route from the island. Even some vice admirals can do nothing against Douglas Bullet. Moreover, since his entire huge body is strengthened with armor persimmons, he seems invincible. Sakazuki then orders the Buster Call to begin. Buena Festa, in conversation with the most important people in the underworld, then announces the beginning of his era, an endless festival.

Marine HQ: Brannew gives the Marine background on Douglas Bullet, whereupon Sengoku and Garp get to talking about Bullet and his imprisonment 24 years ago. Meanwhile, the Marine flees the island with only five minutes left until the Buster Call.

Smoker, Sabo, Boa Hancock, Buggy and Law team up to stop Douglas Bullet, at which point Luffy reappears and attacks Douglas Bullet. However, he is thrown back and ends up with the five allies of purpose. They all follow Law’s plan and go on the attack, being assisted by Crocodile and Rob Lucci, and are able to defeat his monster form. The robot is also destroyed, by an earlier attack by Usopp, the effects of which are only now being triggered. A one-on-one battle now ensues between Luffy and Douglas Bullet, which the former is able to win. However, Luffy destroys the Eternal Port in front of the others. Sabo then takes on Buena Festa.

Waters off Delta: Luffy and everyone else are aboard the Thousand Sunny and want to leave the island, but can’t find an escape route and the Buster Call has begun. Shortly after, however, Borsalino receives a call that the Eternal Port has been destroyed and aborts the Buster Call. Sabo then creates an escape route for the pirates with a wall of fire, which they all use. The pirates who stayed behind and Donald Moderate are captured, while Buena Festa was grabbed by the revolutionaries.

Review: A member of the Roger Pirates created an Eternal Port after Laugh Tale, but Roger throws it into the sea.


The first visual of the film
  • Stampede originally refers to the flight movement of a herd of animals. Sometimes the term is also used for mass panic among humans.
  • In a trailer, Oda says that he wouldn’t have allowed a movie like this to happen if they weren’t celebrating the 20th anniversary of anime.
  • In the run-up to the film, episodes 895 and 896 were broadcast, which are linked to the film in terms of content and take place shortly before it.
  • The One Piece Premier Show in 2019 also covers the Straw Hats’ preparations for the Pirates Festival.
  • In One Piece – Stampede, the name of the last island was first called Laugh Tale instead of Raftel or Unicon. This was confirmed in the manga in chapter 967, only about five months later.
  • If you believe a headline in the World Business newspaper, Pandaman is in the movie a total of 20 times.
  • The film presents a variety of familiar bounties as well as some new ones, including from Eldoraggo, Butler and Shiki.
  • As with the previous films, a special volume was distributed as a gift to the cinema guests.
  • The theme song is called “GONG” and comes from the band Wanima (note: needs link).
  • In Japan, the film is out on DVD and Blu-ray on March 18, 2020.


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