One Piece – Finish him! The Pirate Ganzack

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In 1998, this Ova (disambiguation) was released under the name “One Piece: Finish Him! The Pirate Ganzack” along with two other OVAs from other seriesHunter × Hunter and Seikimatsu Leader Takeshi) as part of the Jump Super Anime Tour‘s 30th anniversary. Readers of Weekly Shōnen Jump had the opportunity to purchase a VHS copy for 500¥. A novel called Down with Ganzack! was also published to accompany the OVA story.

The production studio was Production I.G which also hired other seiyuu than Toei animation later for the television series and the feature films.

The OVA is probably set between the Buggy Arc and the Kuro Arc, since Usopp isn’t in it yet.

Monkey D. LuffyUrara Takano
Roronoa ZoroWataru Takagi
NamiMegumi Toyoguchi
HerringIkuya Sawaki
MedakaJun Tanaka
AllyNorio Wakamoto
SkidTakkō Ishimori


Luffy, Zoro and Nami are adrift on the open sea in their “nutshell”. They have nothing left to eat on board. Suddenly, a sea monster with a helmet appears and destroys the boat. Luffy is happy to finally see something edible and immediately nibbles on the beast, which it doesn’t like at all. It flings Luffy into the water and kidnaps Nami. Luffy clings to Zoro since he can’t swim. Zoro can’t keep himself and Luffy afloat, though, so the two go under.

The scene changes to an island. Luffy is lying unconscious on the beach. Two pirates find him and check if he is still alive. Luffy doesn’t stir, however, so they lose interest in him. Suddenly, a dwarf in a knight’s armor and armed with a naginata gets in their way. She introduces herself to them as Medaka and is a resident of the island. Medaka attacks the pirates and fights them. In doing so, they often stomp on Luffy’s chest, forcing the water out of his lungs. The latter eventually regains consciousness and defeats the two pirates with a gum-gum gun. Hungry, he then collapses.

He finds himself with Zoro in the house of Skid, an old man. There they eat something, but there is only little, because the island is oppressed by Ganzack, a pirate.

Skid tells of the Devil’s Tower and that all the inhabitants of the island, except the children and the old, must toil there. It represents a giant cannon. Luffy and Zoro also wonder what happened to Nami. Luffy wants more food, but there is nothing left. Medaka then tells him that she will give him as much food as he can eat if he defeats Ganzack. Luffy immediately agrees and heads off to the Devil’s Tower. Zoro and Medaka follow him.

In Devil’s Tower, the trio is immediately surrounded by pirates, but Luffy simply sweeps them away with a gum-gum whip. Medaka finds her father and tries to free him, but she is kidnapped by an unknown person. Luffy follows the kidnapper and Medaka while Zoro helps the prisoners and fights the pirates. Luffy is then able to confront the kidnapper on the beach. He removes his helmet and Nami emerges. Ganzack and his sea monster also suddenly appear and attack Luffy. Using a trick, Ganzack is able to disable Luffy for now by coating him in a sticky substance. Nami seems to be on Ganzack’s side. They capture Luffy and Medaka. Zoro and the islanders also succumb to the pirates when they threaten them with cannons.

Luffy, Medaka and Zoro now find themselves tied up in Ganzack’s dining room. He now desecrates Luffy’s straw hat, which of course makes him very angry. He and Medaka now realize that Luffy is a pirate. She hates pirates and therefore now hates Luffy.

Suddenly there is an explosion outside. The islanders have armed themselves with dynamite and now rebel against the pirates, who immediately run outside. Nami frees the three in the meantime, but Medaka now opposes them. She also runs outside. The islanders finally manage to stand up to the pirates, but now Ganzack himself has shown up and shoots Medaka’s father in the arm with a gun. He puts down the rebellion. As he goes to kill Medaka’s father, Medaka jumps in between and deflects the bullet with her armor. Luffy, Zoro and Nami now want to fight Ganzack and his men. Luffy wants to get at him for desecrating his straw hat. That’s when Ganzack makes his ship appear. The Devil’s Tower and a chunk of the island break away and drift off. The islanders have been building the ship all this time. It’s being pulled by the sea monster. The pirates have now taken refuge on their ship.

Luffy and Zoro now want to storm the ship, but Medaka wants to come too. Her father forbids her, but in the end she just clings to Zoro and comes with him onto the ship. Here it comes to the final fight between Luffy and Ganzack. Zoro takes care of the rest of the crew. He is able to defeat them, and with the help of the islanders and Nami, the sea monster as well.

Luffy, on the other hand, is in trouble. Ganzack has tied him up with a chain and wants to cut him into pieces with his crab claws. Luffy always calls him “crab” because of his crab shell, which always upsets Ganzack. Now when he attacks Luffy, Medaka jumps in between again. Ganzack cuts through the helmet of the armor and Medaka is now seemingly decapitated on the ground. Luffy bursts with rage and bursts the chains. He then defeats Ganzack with the gum-gum slashhammer. Medaka shows her head again and Luffy is relieved.

The ship is now slowly sinking and Ganzack doesn’t want to admit defeat yet. He fires one last bullet from the Devil’s Tower at the island. Luffy knocks him away so that he hits the bullet above the island and explodes with it.

The three have managed to free the island from the pirates. As a thank you they get a new boat and a lot of food. Luffy gets a life ring from Medaka, because he can’t swim and at least he can’t sink with it. “Thank you” is written on the ring. Luffy, Nami and Zoro now say goodbye and continue their journey to the Grand Line.


  • As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the manga, the OVA was shown in a livestream on the official YouTube channel on July 23, 2022. The reason for this is Goro Taniguchi, who is the director for One Piece Film Red and was also responsible for the OVA in 1998.

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