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Since the Jump Heroes movie One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase was released after Movie 10, Strong World, it is often referred to as Movie 11 in fan circles, which would make One Piece Movie Z Movie 12. However, in the official numbering, One Piece Movie Z is recorded as the 11th movie, as One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase is not even counted as part of the theatrical film series.


One Piece Movie Z is the 11th feature film and the first to take place after the time jump and in the New World. As with Movie 10, Eiichiro Oda is co-writing the film. In the movie, the Straw Hat Pirates meets the former Navy Admiral Z. There were a few specials used to promote the film. Included in the anime was the special “The Chapter of Z’s Ambitions” (episodes 575 – 578). On the day the movie aired, the special Episode of Luffy aired on Fuji TV. Last but not least, there was the special Glorious Island, which streamed on NOTTV on December 23-30 and was only available in certain regions of Japan on certain smartphones. This special digs right into the movie, as it shows the Straw Hat Pirates on the Thousand Sunny before they find Z in the sea.


Firs: While Zephyr sings and prepares for battle, his Neo Marine storms the island of Firs. He then takes to the battlefield alongside Ain and Bins as well. It is easy for them to break through the defenses and take possession of the Dyna Stones, but Borsalino appears and an exchange of blows ensues between the Admiral and Zephyr. When the latter uses a Dyna Stone in battle, the island is destroyed by the explosion. Borsalino, Ain, Bins and the Neo Marines are able to escape, whereas Zephyr cannot be found. Kuzan is also unaware of the massive explosion.

Thousand Sunny, near Firs: While some Straw Hats are fooling around, Usopp sprays insecticide, but they notice a cloud of ash shortly after. Nami notices through the log port that the island the smoke is coming from is probably gone. They all agree that the island should not be approached and want to hide it from Luffy, but he notices and the next destination is set. In the sea they spot the shipwrecked Zephyr, but when he learns that his rescuers are pirates, a fight ensues. Through his Vivre Card, the Neo Marine also finds the Thousand Sunny and the Straw Hats are left without a chance. To make matters worse, Robin, Brook, Nami and Chopper are also rejuvenated by Ain’s devil powers. However, a coup de burst can save them for now.

Naval Headquarters: At a meeting of the highest ranking naval officers, the danger from Zephyr and his plan to use the Dyna Stones to destroy the New World by blowing up the three endpoints is discussed.

Dock Island: The badly damaged Thousand Sunny is anchored, but repairs have already begun. The Straw Hats meet Mobston, who is also not well disposed towards “Z”, as Zephyr now calls himself. After a conversation, the next destination is set.

Secon: By sea train, they reach Secon, where they split up to gather information. At the hot spring, the Straw Hat Men meet Kuzan, but his intentions remain obscure. However, he too seems to be after Zephyr and reveals to them that Zephyr is on the island. Meanwhile, the rest fly off and during their escape, they encounter the rest. Luffy takes out all the pursuers, but leaves one conscious to get more detailed information. Now they know the exact location of Zephyr.

Secon, Sand Dunes: Zephyr uses the Dyna Stones to destroy the second endpoint. The Straw Hats appear and while Zoro opposes Ain, Sanji fights Bins. Luffy gets to deal with Zephyr. However, destroying the endpoint also threatens to destroy the island, as it did on Firs, so haste is required. Luffy is defeated again and Bins and Ain also manage to escape. Furthermore, Zephyr grabs Luffy’s straw hat. Eventually, however, Kuzan prevents anything worse from happening and everyone escapes the volcanic eruption.

Marine HQ: Sengoku tells Koby and Helmeppo about Zephyr’s naval career and his tragic fate. His wife and child were killed by a pirate, after which Zephyr devoted himself to training young marines, including Borsalino and Kuzan. However, he was later attacked by a pirate who slaughtered many of his recruits and cut off one of Zephyr’s arms. Thus, he received his Battle Smasher, but he left the Navy after that pirate was made a Samurai of the Seas.

On Piriodo, where the final endpoint is located, Zephyr meets with Kuzan, but the latter cannot stand up to his former teacher and leaves.

Dock Island: Instead, the former Admiral goes to Dock Island and talks to the Straw Hat Pirates. He enlightens them about Z’s plan and confirms the existence of the three endpoints. They are magma chambers and once all three are destroyed, the entire New World would go up in flames. All pirates, as well as civilians, would be destroyed. Determined to retrieve the Straw Hat and stop Z, the Straw Hats head to the final endpoint on Piriodo with the repaired Sunny and weapons from Mobston. Kuzan presents them with an Eternal Port beforehand.

Piriodo: The Straw Hats fight their way to the island. Once there, the fight continues. Zoro faces Ain again, while Sanji has another match with Bins. The rest of the Straw Hats also have to face the Neo Marine. However, the Marine is also on the scene, whereas Zephyr has already positioned the Dyna Stones at the final endpoint. Eventually, Luffy arrives there and the decisive battle ensues. Already weakened by his age, Luffy is eventually able to defeat him. The rest of the Straw Hats were also able to finish their fights victoriously. Zephyr then asks Luffy to take his life, but Luffy does not want to. Finally, Borsalino appears with more naval officers; many once apprentices under Zephyr himself. Z wants to face them alone, and Kuzan enables him to do so by separating Zephyr and the Navy from the rest with a wall of ice. Further, he freezes the Dyna Stones. Zephyr’s final battle ensues, in which he eventually dies at the hands of Borsalino, while the Straw Hats are able to escape. Ain and Bins, on the other hand, mourn, but Kuzan encourages them as Zephyr ended his life the way he wanted.


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  • In the credits of the film, some of the characters drawn by Oda in the SBS are shown as children. These are followed by the members of the Straw Hat Pirates in their childhood, with Brook also shown as a child for the first time.
  • Despite Oda’s involvement, this movie (just like One Piece – Strong World) has no impact on the original storyline, Oda will continue drawing the manga as if the movie never existed. (Quote from Oda: “I can’t base a plot on a movie, because a movie is a movie.”)
  • Avril Lavigne has contributed two theme songs to the film. The songs are called “Bad Reputation” and “How You Remind Me”.
  • The first two million moviegoers got “Volume Z” at the box office. The volume has 84 pages and contains a lot of sketches and information about the film.
  • The film grossed the equivalent of US$16,339,700 in its first weekend, making it the fourth most successful opening weekend of any film in Japan to date. One Piece – Strong World, on the other hand, brought in “only” about US$11,700,000. In ten days, the film grossed about US$36 million. The film took the top spot on the Japanese box office charts for four consecutive weeks and has crossed the 6 billion yen mark exactly one month after opening, making it Japan’s second most successful film in 2012.
  • The film was nominated for the 36th Japanese Academy Award, the most important film award in the Japanese film landscape, in the category “Best Animated Film”.
  • The naval headquarters shown in the movie is different from the one in the manga. (Show / Hide Image)
  • The film has been in theaters in France since May 15, 2013 with French dubbing.
  • The film was released in Japan on DVD and Blu-ray on June 28, 2013.
  • More characters from manga and anime appear in this movie than in any other movie before. Besides the Straw Hat Pirates, they all belong to the Navy, which plays an important role. The following characters appear in the movie:

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