One Piece Film: Red

One Piece Film Red is the name of the 14th theatrical film announced on the occasion of the 1,000 episode in Japan. Eiichiro Oda participated in the film as a general producer.


Uta, who hides her true identity and is the most popular diva in the world, makes her first public appearance on an island. Her singing voice is described as “not of this world”. As the venue is filled with the Straw Hat Pirates, other pirates, the Navy, and fans from around the world who have come to enjoy her voice, Uta’s voice rings out in a new light.

The curtain rises with the shocking revelation that she is Shanks’ daughter! Furthermore, she has eaten of a devil fruit, the Song Fruit, and unbeknownst to any of those present, everyone on the island and much of the world’s population who watched the concert via transmission snail are trapped in her imaginary world where she is nearly omnipotent. Her goal is to die by eating so-called wax mushrooms, which would trap everyone’s consciousness forever in her imaginary world and allow them all to live a peaceful and carefree “life”.

However, as good as their intentions are, the Straw Hats can’t let that happen, and many viewers want to return to reality as well. With the help of Koby, Helmeppo, and Blueno, the Straw Hats and their allies are able to escape Uta for the time being and search for a way to stop the Singer. In the library in the basement castle, Nico Robin actually finds a way, but Uta must summon the powerful demon king Tot Musica to do so. This is exactly what Uta does later on, and the Demon King ends up connecting reality as well as Uta’s world. However, it’s not enough to simply defeat him in one world, because in order to return to reality, Tot Musica must be defeated in both worlds simultaneously.

So while the Straw Hats and their allies attack the Demon King in Uta’s world, they get help from the Red-Haired Pirates in reality, and through clever use of Observation Shaki, they manage to coordinate their attacks in both worlds and defeat Tot Musica.

The cover of “Uta’s songs

Still, the consciousness of Uta’s victims lingers in the imaginary world, while their bodies are no longer under Uta’s control in reality. Uta, lying weakened in Shanks’ arm, must chant one more time to return the souls to the bodies and awaken them. Even though the Navy would like to capture her, the redshirt pirates prevent it. Afterwards, first the navy ships, then the redhead pirates, and finally the straw hats depart. For Uta, after eating the pilza, all help came too late, but she still succeeded in her dream of making the people of the world happy with her music. All over the world, all kinds of people listen to her music and are happy.



Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates will participate in a music festival on the music island Elegia. For this, they will wear at least two different outfits. In the course of Jump Festa 2022, which took place on December 18 and 19, 2021 in Japan, the first outfits of the Straw Hat Pirates were presented, the Festival Costumes. These were designed by Oda herself. Sketches of the second set, the Battle Costumes, were released on Twitter on March 23, 2022. These can also be seen in color on posters that the official Twitter channel has been sharing individually every day starting on April 03, 2022.

Festival Costumes


Battle Costumes

LuffySketch of LuffyZoroSketch of ZoroNamiSketch of Nami
UsoppSketch of UsoppSanjiSketch of SanjiChopperSketch of Chopper
RobinSketch by RobinFrankySketch by FrankyBrookSketch of Brook
JinbeSketch of JinbeSunny-kunSketches by Sunny-kun

Big Mom Pirates

Charlotte KatakuriCharlotte OvenCharlotte brûlée



Red Hair Pirates

ShanksBenn BeckmanLucky RouxYasoppRockstarLime Juice
Bonk PunchMonsterBuilding SnakeHongoHowling Gab

Jellyfish Pirates


Other pirates

Trafalgar LawBepoBartolomeo

World Government

The Five EldersBluenoKalifa


The Animal BandThe bull UshiThe Back DancerThe music note warriors


Eiichiro Oda (open)

Gorō Taniguchi (open)

Tsutomu Kuroiwa (open)



  • The film’s director, Gorō Taniguchi, was already responsible for the first OVA One Piece: Finish Him! The Pirate Ganzack from 1998, which was still produced by the production company Production I.G.. The worldwide known anime by Toei Animation was launched about a year later.
  • The film has already been hinted at on One Piece’s official Twitter channel. From November 11 to November 20, 2021, artwork of the Straw Hat Pirates and their names were posted, with one letter of the name always colored in red. This is how “OPFILMSOON” gradually emerged.
  • The three lines in the “D” of the logo are reminiscent of Shanks’ scar on his left eye, which is also referenced in the first trailer. In a message, Oda also explains that he didn’t want to draw any more old legendary men for the films, but a woman instead.
  • As with the previous theatrical films, a special volume called 4 billion “Red” was distributed as a gift to the first three million moviegoers in Japan, featuring character sketches. After all the special volumes were distributed, the second special volume called 4/4 “Uta” was started, which also received a circulation of three million.
  • In Japan, One Piece Film Red got off to a brilliant start in theaters. After just ten days, the film replaced the franchise’s highest-grossing film to date, One Piece – Z (approx. 6.8 billion yen), and passed the 7 billion yen mark. Currently, the film counts over 17.1 billion yen after 72 days and nearly 12.31 million tickets sold. In addition, the film currently ranks 7th on the list of highest-grossing films in Japan (as of October 17, 2022).
  • In France, Bordeaux, a giant poster for the film was briefly hung in Place de la Bourse (note: needs link).
  • Uta’s singing in the film is done by the Japanese singer Ado. Eiichiro Oda made an illustration of her for the film.
  • A total of seven songs were composed for the film by renowned music artists. The songs were recorded together in an album called “Uta’s Songs” (jap. ウタの歌 ONE PIECE FILM RED, Uta no Uta Wan Pīsu Firumu Reddo), which was released on August 10, 2022. Unlike in France, where the songs were re-scored by French singer Hoshi (note: needs link). Following are the songs:
The logoThe first Japanesee posterThe first english posterOda’s message
The countdown from TwitterAnnouncement of the music artistsAdo’s illustration

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