One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0: 711 ver.

Episode 0: 711 ver. is a prequel to One Piece Movie Gold. The special was available on smartphones from July 02 to August 31, 2016. For it, one had to buy two donuts at a Japanese 7-Eleven a well-known convenience store chain, to get a code. One could enter the code on a certain website. This way, you could watch the special on your smartphone.


Nami and Chopper won

It’s a sunny day and the Straw Hat Pirates is leisurely sailing across the Grand Line. Sanji barbecues in the fresh air for the rest of the members, and Luffy in particular can’t get enough, so he eats Usopp’s portion right away.

Meanwhile, Brook watches Nami and Robin play beach volleyball, where Sanji can’t resist either. Luffy takes advantage of the latter’s carelessness to grab the remaining chunks of meat from the grill, but before he can take a bite, he is knocked out from behind by Sanji. Usopp, who had also taken a piece, quickly returns it remorsefully.

Luffy and Usopp get ready

Back at volleyball, referee Brook is about to blow the whistle on the game. Since Robin used her devil powers to save a ball that her teammate Franky couldn’t get to, Brook declares the team Nami and Chopper the winners.

A little later, the whole gang is sitting relaxed around the barbecue and talking about their next destination, the ship Gran Tesoro. Everyone has their own wish, what they would like to do there. For example, Chopper is looking forward to the amusement park, Nami to the casino, Luffy can’t wait to eat, and Brook wants to see the dancers. However, Usopp brings the gang back down to earth, saying they lack the money to actually do all these things. Nami just wants to win straight at the casino with the remaining 100 berry or get a loan there. Usopp, however, has a less risky idea and suggests earning the money with a show.

The crew discovers Gran Tesoro

While Nami, Robin and Zoro rest in the sun, the men rehearse their “Hero Yokozuna Kintarou Show”, in which they want to perform show fights with Luffy as the hero. Usopp tries to explain to Luffy again that this isn’t supposed to be a serious fight, just a show, but the Straw Hats captain still slams his cannoneer right into the Sunny’s mast with the flat of his hand. Things work out better on the next few attempts, though, and Luffy understands how to behave. However, since Usopp uses weapons, Franky intervenes, who is of the opinion that one should only fight with one’s own physical strength and now joins his captain in the ring. The two engage in an intense battle as the others cheer them on.

The fight between Luffy and Franky lasts until the evening hours. However, as both are about to launch their final attack, they are knocked unconscious by Nami. Chopper therefore proclaims Nami the winner and new Yokozuna. Suddenly, the gang spots a bright light on the horizon. Nami notices Gild Tesoro’s Vivre Card in her hand moving in his exact direction and informs the crew that they have reached their destination. Ahead of them lies the gigantic casino ship Gran Tesoro!


  • The clothes the Straw Hats are wearing at the end of this episode are still on at the beginning of One Piece – Gold, making the direct transition clear once again.
  • There is a companion volume called Episode 0: 711 ver. ORIGINAL BOOK, which also contains the storyboard for this special.

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