One Piece Episode 999


Nami thanks Franky for saving her. Franky and Brook look around and see that the fighting has already started, so they figure they’ll probably have to work double time for joining so late. Jinbe, in turn, is worried about what Big Mom will do when she comes to, and asks Robin for help. Luffy, meanwhile, wants to set out to help Kinemon & Co.

Usopp and Chopper, meanwhile, have other troubles. The Brachio tank they are in has been spotted by three Numbers and is mistaken for a toy. They throw it back and forth several times until it lands on the ground and they try to stomp on it. However, the tank is strong enough to withstand the attacks, at which point Usopp and Chopper take the opportunity to counterattack. They drive off a bit to gain distance and fire several times at the strange giants. But to their shock, the attacks had no effect whatsoever. They are merely grabbed and shaken again.

Yamato, meanwhile, is still being pursued by Ulti, who wants to take Yamato back to Kaidou. Since Yamato doesn’t have time for Ulti’s constant interruptions, the two engage in another showdown, with Yamato managing to overpower Ulti and hurl her into the nearest wall. Yamato takes the opportunity to finally reach Momonosuke. The latter is crying to Shinobu when Yamato reaches her. Yamato explains that they are allies and has come to protect them. However, Yamato overjoyedly introduces himself as Oden. This appearance, as well as the fact that Yamato has horns like most members of Kaidou’s pirate gang, arouses too much suspicion in Shinobu and Momonosuke, so they flee from Yamato with a smoke bomb.

Big Mom, meanwhile, wakes up and greets Brook, whom she hasn’t seen in a while. She says that there really would be a lot of rare characters for her collection among the straw hats, referring to both Brook and Franky. Franky gets up from his bike and wants to face the fight, with Nami saying that they’d better run, since their opponent is an emperor of the seas after all. However, Franky says that Luffy will soon be king of the pirates, which is why they shouldn’t run away from an emperor. Franky is about to load his laser when a great commotion is heard. The Numbers, who also have Usopp and Chopper, have come into the hall and are causing a commotion. Nami and Franky are reminded of Oars by the sight of these giants, to which Big Mom explains that they are failed clones of the primordial giant race created on Punk Hazard, but brought here by Kaidou. When Franky discovers that they have the Brachio tank and thus Usopp and Chopper, he shoots his laser beam at the Numbers, causing them to release the tank. Big Mom wants to take advantage of the moment Franky turns her back defenseless and finish him off from behind with her sword, but Jinbe stops her with a shoulder throw. He throws her to the ground where Robin made hundreds of arms appear, rolling Big Mom away. Big Mom can’t do anything and is rolled out of the arena by the arms. Franky thanks Jinbe and Robin for their help and uses a Den-den Mushi to call Usopp and Chopper. The two are just coming to as Franky declares that it’s time to combine their companions to create the Iron Pirate. Luffy, meanwhile, has jumped onto some buildings so he can get high enough to reach the roof of Onigashima.

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