One Piece Episode 997


Yamato is pleased by Luffy’s words and determination, and is happy to fight alongside him. Big Mom is unimpressed, as besides the pirates, it seems that only a few hundred samurai are supporting the opposing side, while their army is 30,000 strong. Queen isn’t worried about this either, but he suddenly receives call after call that samurai by the thousands are attacking all the locations in Onigashima. Most of them come through the back entrance, but in corridors the samurai have already allied with Zoro and are attacking all the troops. Law and Kid’s pirate gang have also received support from samurai troops. The coast in turn is attacked by Marco and Perospero.

Shinobu, meanwhile, is in the attic directly above Momonosuke. But she can’t do anything yet, because Jack, Queen and King are still guarding it.

Kaidou’s voice, meanwhile, can be heard coming from the hole he, Kinemon and company fell into. He calls out to Luffy that he heard him and he should show if he can really manage to defeat him. Kaidou comes back out in his dragon form and flies to the roof, breaking the ceiling. On his back are Kinemon and his comrades. Luffy calls out to Kinemon that he will see them upstairs. When Jack sees this, he walks off the stage without saying a word, where Momonosuke is.

Roof: Kinemon and co. have jumped off Kaidou. The latter, still as a dragon, laughs that he is finally sober again. He explains that a fight in an open field would be better. Further, it would be almost like when they last fought, except that Oden was already dead. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi explain that there is still a difference, whereupon all the Mink troops show themselves. The two Mink rulers explain that they knew Kaidou would fight in his dragon form and only the rooftop would do, which is why the troops were hiding here. Furthermore, the full moon has already risen, which is why they can all go into Su Long. At that moment, Jack shows up with a group of pirates as well as a member of the Numbers, Nangi. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi want to settle their score with Jack, but the rest of the Minks think that their leaders should save their strength for Kaidou. The Musketeers, Blackback as well as Rody go into their Su Long form, followed by all the other Minks. Rody and Black manage to fend off his attacks, much to Jack’s surprise, while the Musketeers take care of Nangi. Nekomamushi and Inuarashi then tell Kaidou that it must be their turn.

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