One Piece Episode 993


Onigashima, Attic: Yamato explains to Luffy that he met Ace when he tried to fight Kaidou to free Wano Country. Kaidou wasn’t there, which is why Yamato fought Ace. However, the two ended up befriending each other and Yamato would have liked to continue with Ace, but couldn’t. Luffy asks what stopped Yamato.

Onigashima, back entrance: Law leaves the samurai with Bepo, Shachi and Penguin, explaining that he had some business of his own to attend to. Meanwhile, Nekomamushi presents Inuarashi with his new MG prosthetic arm, which he plans to use to attack Kaidou. The dog mink has to admit that this is impressive. Izou would like to tell Kiku some travel stories, but they have to stop Kaidou first. Suddenly, they are attacked by two headless horsemen. However, Ashura and Kawamatsu quickly defeat the two, who then turn into drawings on the ground. Thus, the samurai know who is already waiting for them at the gates. Sure enough, when the back entrance gates open, Kanjuro shows up with some Gifters and soldiers he drew himself. Mockingly, Kanjuro says that the headless soldiers would fit in very well with the samurai, as they’ve been the same way since Oden’s death: headless, already dead for all intents and purposes, but too stubborn to give up. Knowing his former comrades best, Kanjuro knew better than to expect them here. Raizo says that they still have a head with Momonosuke and asks where it is. Kanjuro explains that he hit Momonosuke so that he could be brought to Orochi defenseless. Further, Momonosuke would be publicly executed shortly. The samurai, of course, cannot allow this to happen and rush to attack, whereupon Kanjuro orders his troops to do the same. The Gifters are clearly outnumbered by the samurai, and Inuarashi shows off his new prosthetic sword-leg during the fight. Meanwhile, Kiku asks Kanjuro if their entire friendship was really just one big lie. Kanjuro, in turn, explains that he hasn’t felt anything since his parents were murdered, but he’s really happy now that his acting skills were so convincing that Kiku asks him such a question at this point with tears in his eyes. Accepting that there is nothing left of his former comrade, Kiku puts on his helmet and goes on the attack.

Brothel: Nami, Carrot, Zeus and Shinobu continue to run away from Prometheus. The latter calls in the homies for backup, which Big Mom has created in the meantime. When Shinobu is grabbed by one, Nami is able to free her, but is then caught herself with Carrot. Shinobu wants to rush to help, but Nami sends her away so she can save Momonosuke. Zeus then goes to save Nami, but is then grabbed by a hand, which, to Zeus’ shock, belongs to Big Mom.

Attic: Yamato hopes that because he is Ace’s brother, Luffy will let him on his ship to see the world. Yamato couldn’t go with Ace at the time because of the handcuffs that were put on him. These explode when Yamato moves away from Onigashima. Yamato doesn’t know if this was a lie from Kaidou, but the mere thought that it could be true keeps Yamato from trying, since Kaidou is definitely the kind of person to do this. Luffy asks Yamato if it’s really okay for Yamato to fight Kaidou, but Yamato doesn’t mind. Luffy then tells Yamato that he can remove the handcuffs, which surprises Yamato. Before Yamato can really comment, the two suddenly hear an announcement over loudspeakers. Through the floorboards, the two look to see what is going on in the main hall below them.

Main Hall: Kaidou announces that the Navy believes they are strong enough with their new ace to no longer need the Seven Samurai. However, Kaidou feels that he had not been idle either. He strengthened his troops with his alliance with Big Mom, and together they would soon possess all the Ancient Weapons. With a bang, triggered by a lightning bolt from Zeus, Big Mom then shows up in the main hall with her prisoners and homies.

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