One Piece Episode 991


Wano Country, Waterfall: Perospero, before the ship falls again, has created a mountain of rock candy that now floats on the water like an iceberg, with Perospero on top. He vows to get revenge on King, Marco, and the Straw Hat. He thinks nothing of the alliance and thinks the Big Mom pirates will have the last laugh.

Onigashima, in front of the brothel: The Brachio tank continues to flee from Big Mom, shooting at her repeatedly, but nothing stops the Empress. The latter manages to catch up with the tank and punch it, causing it to fall onto its roof. Big Mom then wants to use her devil powers to steal Usopp and Chopper’s souls, but at that moment she hears word from Prometheus via Napoleon that Nami and Zeus are at the brothel, at which point she lets go of Usopp and Chopper and goes on her way. She goes inside the brothel and uses her devil powers to animate various items. Meanwhile, Chopper and Usopp go to catch up with Kinemon again, with the Brachio tank suddenly transforming into General Franky’s abdomen. Big Mom’s punch, according to Usopp, accidentally triggered the transformation.

Brothel: Prometheus directs Big Mom where to go to find Nami and Zeus. Nami asks where Sanji is, to which Carrot explains that he set out to find the women of the brothel. As Big Mom gets closer, Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu run to escape her. However, Big Mom takes her time because, as she explains, the concert hall is located where the three of them are running to, meaning there is no escape.

Main Hall: Robin and Jinbe have mingled with Kaidou’s men and discover Hyogoro, who has also done so with his men. Suddenly, Orochi’s voice is heard from a large stage. Over a microphone, Orochi explains that he has found the son of Oden and presents him chained to a cross with several wounds on his face. Orochi explains that he will give him his mercy, as he would soon send him to his father.

In his room, Kaidou overhears Orochi’s speech and is far from pleased, saying that Orochi is ruining the mood of his banquet with this nonsense.

On an unknown floor, Zoro has just put some normal enemies to flight when a squad of Gifters, who have insect powers, get in his way. A woman with Mantis Blades asks Zoro if he wants to be Pirate King too, which is why he launched this attack. She explains that they all did, but as long as Kaidou is alive, this wouldn’t be possible, so he’d better join them. Zoro, however, refuses, explaining that neither Kaidou nor he will be pirate king, but his captain will. To the Gifters’ surprise, shortly after, Zoro easily defeats the enemy troops who tried to sneak attack him from behind.

Luffy is still being carried through the corridors by Yamato, who has something important to tell Luffy. But Luffy thinks he doesn’t have time for that and frees himself from Yamato’s grip.

Meanwhile, Page One has regained consciousness and checks on his sister, who is still unconscious. When a paramedic team joins them, Ulti wakes up and knocks them both out, showing Page One that his big sister seems to be okay. Ulti is furious at Yamato for using Kaidou’s attack against her, and even taunts him about how weak he would have been. However, she briefly breaks down again shortly after due to the aftermath of the attack. Page One then learns that Luffy and Yamato were spotted stopping, at which point Page One gives chase.

Meanwhile, Luffy won’t listen to Yamato and attacks him with everything he has while Yamato fends off the attacks. When Luffy uses Red-Hawk against Yamato, Yamato says it reminds him of his fight against Ace.

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