One Piece Episode 990


Onigashima, Castle: A masked person runs through the corridors, rejoicing as the time has finally come. The moment the person has been waiting for a long time. Some of Kaidou’s pirates chase the masked person, shouting after him that Kaidou was already looking for him. Meanwhile, Kid and Killer fight against several pirates.

Bottom Floor: Ulti has landed in front of Luffy. Page One is just coming to, which calms Ulti down, but she blames Luffy for his injuries. Luffy explains that she was the one who slid down the stairs on him, but Ulti refuses to see this and denies it. She asks Luffy who he is and what unit he belongs to. Page One then explains that Luffy is one of the intruders. Furious, Ulti asks again who Luffy is. Luffy introduces himself with his name and declares that he is the future king of the pirates. This irritates Ulti even more, as she thinks only Kaidou has the right to call himself that. A fight ensues between the two, with Ulti attacking with a headbutt. Luffy counters with a forehead reinforced with haki. A crater is created on impact and Luffy falls a floor. Ulti then indicates to her brother that they should both transform. Page One then shifts into his full dinosaur form, while Ulti shifts into a hybrid form. The other pirates ask their superiors why they did this, to which Ulti replies that they recognize Luffy as a strong opponent and will not underestimate him. The pirates, however, think that Luffy must be long dead, as Ulti can split someone’s skull with her headbutts with ease. However, Luffy jumps out of the crater shortly after.

He admits to underestimating his opponents, as there are many other strong fighters here besides Kaidou, which is not surprising, after all Kaidou is one of the Four Emperors. The battle ensues against the two Dinosaur Men. With a well-aimed Gear 3 attack, Luffy manages to knock out Page One in the process, but this only makes Ulti angrier. She manages to grab Luffy’s arms and goes into her full dinosaur form to headbutt Luffy one by one. Luffy can’t break free from the final attack, so he’s about to move on to Gear 4 when someone suddenly appears. It’s the masked person who knocks Ulti out with Kaidou’s familiar attack, Raimei Hakke, before he can attack Luffy again.

The pirates recognize the masked man as Yamato, who walks over to Luffy and asks him if he is really Luffy. Luffy answers in the affirmative, whereupon Yamato is overjoyed. He grabs Luffy and runs off with him. He explains that he wouldn’t hurt him and has waited a long time to finally meet him. Shortly after, Yamato introduces himself by name and explains that he is Kaidou’s son.

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