One Piece Episode 989


Brothel: Big Mom looks out the window and sees Chopper on the tank. The latter is frozen in fear, thinking that his last hour has come. However, Usopp reminds him that they are still wearing their disguises and she may not recognize him as quickly, which he should take advantage of. Chopper then explains that he’s just on patrol, but in doing so he foolishly introduces himself with his real name. Big Mom doesn’t seem to notice this and closes the window when she hears that it’s just a security patrol. However, Chopper looks strangely familiar to her, whereupon she remembers him and storms out of the building. Usopp then backs the tank away from her at full speed, but Big Mom runs after the tank with Chopper and Usopp.

Kaidou’s Room: Kanjuro explains that Momonosuke cut his bonds and tried to run away, after which he had to beat him unconscious. Kaidou is disappointed that the son of Oden hasn’t changed a bit after 20 years. Kanjuro agrees with him and explains that Momonosuke has nothing to show for it except his ancestors. Black Maria then takes Momonosuke in, feeling somewhat sorry for the boy. Orochi then wants to toast Kanjuro, but he refuses and apologizes, saying that he couldn’t stop the rebels and that 5,400 samurai are on their way to Onigashima, with Kinemon and co. included. Orochi then gets angry and asks how this could have happened. Fukurokuju joins in and explains that three battleships have not returned yet either, but no enemy ships have been found near the port yet. Kanjuro explains that the pirates on the samurai side have sunk the battleships, to which Fukurokuju explains that four pirates have already been seen in the lowest hallway: Luffy, Zoro, Kid, and Killer. However, Queen cares about this matter, which is why he didn’t report the incident until now. Kaidou agrees with him that they have nothing to worry about with all their troops here. Momonosuke comes to and heard that Luffy was here. He tries to escape again, but this is noticed by Orochi. Orochi explains that they should prepare the execution ground. If Momonosuke dies in front of everyone, it will greatly lower the morale of their enemies and crush the rebellion.

Ship of Nekomamushi: Marco can’t believe that Nekomamushi arrives at Wano Country at the same time as him, even though he left first. Nekomamushi admits that this was a strange coincidence and he probably doesn’t need Marco’s note (that he would get to it later). Izou wouldn’t have believed that Marco was coming with them. Marco explains that he liked Oden a lot and Izou is also one of his best friends now, which is why he can’t sit still when their home is going through a bad time. But he wonders how they’re going to join the others in time, to which Nekomamushi says he already has something planned.

Onigashima, west side: Denjiro and Hyogoro’s troops encounter a gate. When it opens, they all hide and see Sasaki come out in his search for Yamato. Denjiro sees this as a happy coincidence since he knows him. He comes out of hiding and greets Sasaki in a friendly manner. Sasaki thinks he is looking at Kyoshiro, but wonders about his getup. When he asks him if he wants to go for a drink, Denjiro agrees and walks with him a short distance into a forest where an ambush is already waiting for Sasaki. Denjiro puts sea stone handcuffs on Sasaki and ties him to a tree. He drops Kinemon’s disguise and shows Sasaki his tattoo on his back as an explanation as to why he is doing this. Shortly after, Denjiro’s group splits up once again. Denjiro continues on to the back entrance with a few men, while Hyogoro mingles with the rest of the troops through the gate with Kaidou’s men.

Meanwhile, Usopp and Chopper engage in a tank battle with some enemies, which they manage to win. However, Big Mom has found out where they are through this and tries to attack them again. The attempt to take out Big Mom with the tank again fails and only makes the empress angrier, whereupon Usopp and Chopper flee again.

Brothel: Carrot, Nami and Shinobu have entered the building to find a way to Momonosuke from there and rescue him. Shinobu is worried about Usopp and Chopper, but Nami says there’s nothing they can do since Big Mom is too strong for them. She then wonders why it’s getting warmer as she looks around and notices Prometheus is behind them, chasing them to get Zeus back.

Kaidou’s Castle: Ulti doesn’t feel like walking anymore and throws a tantrum. Page One is visibly annoyed and says that she should just wait then and he’ll look for Yamato for so long. However, Ulti suddenly jumps on his back and demands that he carry her piggyback. However, Page One loses his balance as a result and slides down a large staircase while Ulti continues to sit on his back. They slide down to the lowest hallway, where they land right in front of Luffy.

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