One Piece Episode 988


Ballroom: Kid attacks some more pirates and Luffy admonishes him to stick to the plan, which Kid has no desire to do. Zoro asks Killer if it’s hard having a captain who always thinks with his fists first, which Killer denies. Zoro says that he is actually in a similar situation as Killer and understands him.

Kinemon’s Group: Sanji is demotivated since he didn’t find a single woman at the brothel. Kinemon and co. assume that there probably wouldn’t be any men there either then, and that it’s safe to cross the bridge next to the house. Carrot, meanwhile, tries to cheer Sanji up a bit, at which point the two go back into the house to look for enemies. However, they suddenly hear a voice from one of the windows, wondering about the noise outside. Kinemon and co. jump off the bridge into the water to avoid detection, while Nami, Carrot, Shinobu and Sanji hide at the entrance of the house. Only Usopp and Chopper are unable to hide as they are still driving the tank. The window opens and both are discovered by none other than Big Mom.

Wano Country, Waterfall: The Big Mom pirates have almost made it up the waterfall. Perospero vows to get revenge on King for the last attack and is strictly against the alliance with Kaidou. However, Big Mom’s other children think they will follow Big Mom’s decision. Flampe is curious about Kaidou and wants to ingratiate herself with him as well to become his favorite. Just as they reach the top of the waterfall, the crew sees something in the sky and suspect the return of King. However, it is actually Marco. The latter cannot allow the Big Mom pirates to join them as support for the Beasts Pirates pirates and, much like King before, pushes their ship back down the precipice at just the right moment. Nekomamushi and Izou are just going up the waterfall with another ship and see the Big Mom pirate gang’s ship crash. Nekomamushi smiles when he sees Marco and understands that he is the reason.

Onigashima, Kaidou’s Room: Black Maria has stayed with Kaidou, thinking that the other Flying Six will be enough to find Yamato, allowing her to spend some time with Kaidou. Kaidou isn’t thrilled, but lets it pass and toasts Orochi, who is happy as he thinks he’s the victor in the end. All that would be missing now is Kanjuro, who should be showing up here soon with Momonosuke as well as the news that everyone is defeated. Kaidou is impressed with the trust Kanjuro has built up over the years with Oden and company, yet Oden never seems to have told anyone close to him about the last island to get to Laugh Tale. At that moment, Kanjuro arrives, having destroyed a wall as some troops blocked his way, not knowing he was one of them. He delivers a beaten up, unconscious Momonosuke to them, which pleases Orochi.

Polar Tang: Law’s submarine struggles against the currents to get to its destination. On the way, Inuarashi receives a call on a Den-den Mushi from Nekomamushi, who explains that he has just crossed the waterfall and will join them. Inuarashi explains that they’re going to try to use the back entrance of Onigashima, to which Nekomamushi just says that he’ll meet them there then. Shortly after, much to Inuarashi’s annoyance, the carefree cat mink hangs up.

Onigashima: Zoro and Luffy get lost and run through various corridors until they hit a dead end. Zoro destroys the wall, only to find more of Kaidou’s men behind it. Meanwhile, Page One and Ulti are also running through the corridors looking for Yamato, with Ulti letting Page One carry her since it’s more fun for her that way. Zoro and Luffy, meanwhile, have lost sight of each other and Luffy is now fighting more enemy pirates alone.

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