One Piece Episode 987


Onigashima, Ballroom: With Punk Gibson, Kid gave Apoo a good whack with his massive metal arm, forcing him through a wall to the next one beyond. Kid then picks Apoo back up and seeks further revenge on him for working as an informant for Kaidou while they were in a pirate alliance. However, Apoo thinks that Kid was too naive, as they never managed to overthrow any of the Four Emperors with their alliance. Shortly after, Apoo once again uses his devil powers to break free from Kid’s grasp and inflict damage on him. Queen, meanwhile, gives orders to kill Kid and his crew, as well as the rest of the invaders. However, the pirate handlers stand no chance against Kid and his magnetic powers. Kid’s crew has caught up to him by now, and Killer talks down to Kid that they don’t have time for this and should rather save their powers for Kaidou. Kid agrees with him and tries to retreat with them, but suddenly a rumble is heard. A giant appears and lashes out wildly with his club. He belongs to the Numbers and his name is Haccha. When Haccha attacks Kid, Kid is able to fend off the attack, but is so busy doing so that he doesn’t notice the Gifter archer aiming at him. Luffy is able to save Kid in time, however, and says they should try to reach Kaidou together. Heat and Wire then join them, explaining that they would take care of the enemies here.

Kid and Luffy meet Zoro and Killer on the way, who also come along when they are suddenly attacked again by Apoo from a distance. Killer cautions to stay focused as Apoo is just trying to distract them. He advises covering their ears, as Apoo’s attacks are based on sound and only hit when heard. After the four cover their ears, Apoo’s attacks no longer have any effect on them.

Meanwhile, in her private quarters, Big Mom is getting dressed and ready for the ceremony. She explains that her children will probably be there in a few hours, too. A servant wonders why there was no word from the secret mole harbor. Big Mom reveals that she didn’t know about it and that her kids will try the waterfall again.

Meanwhile, outside the buildings, on the eastern edge, Chopper’s tank has caught up with Kinemon’s squad. Kinemon explains that he’s going to split their group up again. One half will infiltrate the Skull Dome to deal with the enemies inside, while the second group will continue on to the back entrance to attack Orochi and Kaidou from there. Denjiro, meanwhile, continues to run with his squad on the western side, and Robin and Jinbe have blended in with the pirates through the main entrance.

Kinemon’s squad arrives shortly after at a place they didn’t have on the old map. It’s a brothel run by Black Maria. Sanji can’t wait to see the women there and runs right in, with the excuse of checking out the situation there. Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu also want to go in there to find and free Momonosuke from there. Sanji comes out of the house shortly after, completely discouraged and depressed. Usopp guesses that he must not have found any women and it must be vacant right now.

Ballroom: Apoo makes fun of Killer for eating a defective Smile fruit and becoming a Pleasure, but Kid attacks everyone who laughs at it. Who’s Who watches the whole thing from a rooftop, but has no interest in it, as finding Yamato holds a better reward. Still, Who’s Who can’t believe Queen said he was going to kill one of the Flying Six to create a free space. Who’s Who then admits that he wants to kill someone himself, too.

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