One Piece Episode 986


Onigashima, Banquet Hall: The kid pirate gang doesn’t understand why Luffy and Zoro went nuts over red bean soup and don’t want to get involved in their turmoil.

Luffy and Zoro, meanwhile, decide not to fight any more fights for now, so as not to draw any more attention to themselves and to save strength, so they run away for now. Scratchmen Apoo, however, notices the commotion and reports to Queen that Zoro and Luffy have mingled with their guests. Queen can’t believe that Babanuki lied to him. Apoo, in turn, reports his discovery over the microphone to all the pirates.

Hearing Apoo’s voice, the Kid puts on a smile as he has unfinished business with his former alliance partner. He then, despite Killer’s objections, changes his plan and starts looking for Apoo. The Kid remembers everything he went through because of Apoo’s betrayal, so he wants to get back at him. He quickly finds him on the stage.

Queen, meanwhile, announces over the microphone that whoever manages to take down Zoro and/or Luffy will get the post from one of the flying six. Against most normal pirates, Zoro and Luffy have no problems, however the large number of enemies and the much stronger Gifters that come along are a bigger problem, as the fights could thus tire them out quickly in the long run. Apoo, meanwhile, has set his sights on them and uses his devil powers to transform his body into various instruments. With each sound he makes with one of these instruments, something happens to Luffy or Zoro. Thus, Luffy is first caught by an invisible punch and Zoro receives a large gash as a result. When Apoo hits his stomach as if on a drum, an explosion occurs, catching Luffy and taking away his consciousness for the time being. Not knowing their opponent’s abilities well enough, Zoro grabs Luffy and runs with him to safety for now. Luffy regains consciousness in the process and fends off an attack from a Smile user. Luffy and Zoro take off their disguises and try to fight their way to Kaidou’s castle, but there is no end to Apoo’s attacks. Zoro correctly realizes that his devil powers allow him to attack with music, which is why they can’t block the attacks.

Despite Killer’s objections, the Kid has had enough by now. He runs in Apoo’s direction and uses his own devilish powers to pull all the metal objects towards him, creating a massive arm that Kid uses to strike Apoo.

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