One Piece Episode 985

One Piece Episode 985 is the 985th episode of the One Piece anime series. Titled “Thinking of O-Tama – Luffy’s Furious Strike”.

TitleThinking of O-Tama – Luffy’s Furious Strike
Kanjiお玉への思い ルフィ怒りの一撃
RomajiO-Tama e no Omoi – Rufi Ikari no Ichigeki
AirdateAugust 1, 2021
ArcWano Country Arc
Debut Character(s)Bao Huang
Based on ChaptersChapter 979 (p. 10-15), Chapter 980 (p. 2-6)


Ballroom: Zoro has had something to drink and goes in search of Kaidou, thinking he can find Luffy there as well. When some pirates approach him again and ask him to sit down and drink with them, Zoro refuses and asks where Kaidou is.

Throne Room: One of Kaidou’s subordinates declares that the Flying Six are now here for an audience and brings them in. Sasaki says that Kaidou should come down to drink with them. The latter replies that while he would be happy to do so, there are still a few matters to be settled. He actually wanted to introduce the six of them to Big Mom, but she is still changing. The other matter is the reason Kaidou kept them waiting. King joins in and explains that it wasn’t Kaidou who called them here either, it was him. He knew that Who’s Who and Sasaki, among others, wouldn’t have come had they known King was calling them. King explains he summoned them so Kaidou would give them the specific task. Kaidou then has summoned Bao Huang, after which a masked Smile user comes in. At Kaidou’s command, she then lists the order of the evening. After Queen’s concert, the commanders are to toast with Orochi’s people. Kaidou and Orochi will then give a speech. After Big Mom’s ship arrives and the crew joins in the festivities as well, the alliance is officially announced. After that, Kaidou has another important announcement to make. Kaidou explains that his son Yamato has disappeared and he should be present for the announcement. Black Maria correctly realizes that this announcement is probably about him. Kaidou explains that whoever finds his son first and brings him to him will have the right to challenge any commander and take his place if he wins. Who’s Who and Sasaki are happy to hear this and are thus in.

Banquet Hall: Luffy watches drunken pirates continue to dump and waste red bean soup, making him angrier and angrier.

Meanwhile, the Kid and his gang are outside the entrance to the building where Kaidou is supposed to be. The guards let them through after a little threat.

Zoro, meanwhile, has walked in a circle and arrived back at the pirates from earlier, from whom he inquired. They make fun of Zoro and think he should rather sit down with them and have something to eat and drink. Zoro refuses again, as the company makes him lose his appetite, whereupon a small brawl ensues, which Zoro dominates without effort.

Luffy, on the other hand, can’t believe Tama has to go hungry while idiots who throw food on the ground just for fun have so much. Luffy eats out several buckets himself before these idiots get their hands on them. However, when they dump out the last three anyway just for fun, Luffy finally has enough and uses Gear 3 to take out the three pirates with an elephant gun.

Zoro heard the noise and can guess that’s where Luffy is, whereupon he cuts through a building/tower in his way to get to Luffy faster. Zoro admonishes Luffy for trying to pass through here without attracting attention. The kid pirate gang, seeing this from afar, wonders if Zoro is aware of how much attention he himself just drew. Meanwhile, Luffy explains to Zoro that the three of them spilled red bean soup here on purpose. Memories of how happy Tama was to receive her little bowl of red bean soup back then lead Zoro to conclude that Luffy did the right thing and he’s helping him punish her.

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