One Piece Episode 984


Orochi believes he doesn’t have to be afraid of Kinemon & Co. anymore and therefore parties unrestrained in his room with women and alcohol.

Onigashima, Port: Meanwhile, the attack by Kinemon & Co. has begun. Kinemon himself leads a group around the east side of the castle. Denjiro and Hyogoro lead a group around the west side. Luffy and Kid’s band of pirates are to take the direct route through the main gate. Shinobu and Carrot stay with Luffy’s group instead of joining Kinemon or Denjiro’s group. Franky, meanwhile, declares that he’d better get the vehicles out for such an action. However, when the Straw Hat Pirates goes to get them, Luffy sees Kid and his gang already leading the way. Luffy then moves to stop them. Jinbe thinks this is not a good idea, and Zoro agrees with him that Luffy will only cause more problems by doing so. As a result, Zoro runs after Luffy to stop him.

Polar Tang: Kiku is worried that they’ll use Luffy as a diversion and something will happen to him because of it. However, Law says that idiots like him wouldn’t die so quickly. Kawamatsu has to laugh in response, saying that Law has a lot of faith in his friend.

Onigashima, Underground: Kanjuro has gagged the kidnapped Momonosuke, tied him up with a rope, and is walking him through the tunnels with a leash to find his way to Orochi. However, this is the first time for him to be here and he didn’t think that the path has so many forks, which is why he hasn’t been able to report to Orochi yet. Furthermore, every now and then he is attacked by low ranking members of Kaidou’s gang who don’t know that he is one of them. After defeating a few guards again, Momonosuke notices a dagger dropped by one of the guards.

Onigashima, banquet hall: Luffy has reached the hall, where there is a big party going on, but he doesn’t see Kid anywhere. Zoro reaches the hall shortly after, but has lost sight of Luffy and is searching for him in the crowd. A pirate sees Zoro and says that he looks far too serious for a celebration, so he offers him a jug of alcohol. Zoro can see that this is good stuff, however he declines. The pirate thinks that Zoro should reconsider. When the pirate then mocks the villages of Ebisu and Okobore, Zoro’s ears perk up.

Port: Nami asks Franky how much longer they should wait. Franky then comes out with his Black Rhino while Chopper and Usopp pull up the Brachio tank. To Sanji’s shock, Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu go into the tank with Usopp, leaving no room for Sanji to sit on the roof. Franky invites Robin to sit on his motorcycle, but Brook jumps on it first. Jinbe and Robin decide to walk. With that, the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates are now on their way, unaware that Kaidou’s masked son has been watching them.

Flying Six’s quarters: Ulti annoys the others with her cheeky, pushy manner, which is why it almost comes to blows when they get the news that Kaidou now wants to see her, whereupon the six make their way to him.

Banquet Hall: Zoro overhears the pirates going on and on about how the people of Ebisu and Okobore will never have things like them. Zoro then says that if they love alcohol so much, others must suffer because of it and they should drink it up too. He then forces a pirate to drink a large jug without pause, whereupon the pirate nearly drowns from it. When others try to stop Zoro, he just looks at them, whereupon they collapse. Zoro then dives back into the crowd after explaining that the guys must have had too much to drink. Meanwhile, Luffy is still looking for Kid, but finds a small banquet, after which pirates encourage him to help himself quietly. Just as Luffy has then grabbed a drumstick and is about to bite into it, he hears the pirates explain that this food is from the Paradise Plantation and the people of Okobore would surely dream of only being able to get a bite of it. Luffy then remembers how starving Tama was and sees all these pirates wasting food even. A barrel of red bean soup is thrown away because you don’t like it and lands on Luffy. Luffy then remembers how lucky Tama was to only get a small bowl of it. When Luffy then also overhears people saying that this is just dirt that the people of Okobore should eat off the ground, Luffy finally has enough.

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