One Piece Episode 983


The Thousand Sunny goes after Kinemon’s squad, but they are overtaken by the Kid and his band of pirates. Kid has set out to get Kaidou’s head and has the support of his gang as revenge for Kaidou making Killer eat a Smile.

Onigashima, Coast: Kinemon’s samurai split up. Kinemon and Denjiro each lead a squad that moves around the castle to the left and right, respectively, to get to the back entrance. Raizo, Kiku, Kawamatsu, Ashura and Inuarashi stay in Law’s submarine and teleport there later with Law once the submarine is in position.

Port of Onigashima: When they reach the port, Kinemon is glad that most of the guards are distracted by the festivities. Usopp spies a small squad of guards, but is able to put them to sleep with Green Star: Sleep Grass. After everyone has docked, Jinbe explains that he’s a bit concerned that so many ships would stand out at the harbor. The samurai have thought of this as well and smash their ships without hesitation, whereupon only Kid and Luffy’s ships are left. When Luffy asks what they plan to do if they retreat, Kinemon simply replies that all is well and they won’t need the ships anymore. Brook admires the determination of the samurai, for whom it is only “win or die” at the moment.

After the Straw Hat Pirates docks and gets off the ship, Carrot is startled. On the other side of the harbor, there is suddenly a bunch of Kaidou’s people, while the samurai seem to have disappeared. Robin calms them down, however, and points out a gate where Kinemon is using his devil powers. Everyone who goes through the gate gets a disguise in the form of the uniform of Kaidou’s crew. Thus, the kid pirate gang is also given new disguises. Kinemon explains that the disguise will disappear should one take it off or take damage, however he advises Kid, even though he is strong, to keep it on for now to avoid having to deal with Kaidou’s subordinates. After the members of the Straw Hat Pirates also look like members of the Beasts Pirates, they all set out to carry out their plan.

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