One Piece Episode 982


Polar Tang: Denjiro informs his comrades that there is first a fortress off Onigashima that stands in their way. The fortress is always heavily guarded and has many cannons and weapons, so they must approach with caution. Kinemon is reassured to learn this before they approach Onigashima further, as they can now make a plan to take out the fortress. Shortly after, Kinemon is informed that Luffy’s ship is missing and explosions can be heard coming from the direction of the fortress.

Fortress: The Straw Hat Pirates has already begun their assault on the Fortress, to the shock of everyone else. More specifically, Luffy is just delivering the final blow to the last troops with his Red Hawk attack, which means the fortress is taken. The Straw Hat Pirates then sets out to loot the supplies for their welcome party for Jinbe.

Polar Tang: The Samurai are surprised by the strength of the Straw Hat Pirates, and Kinemon is glad that Luffy is on their side.

Onigashima: Some Waiters are having a drink with the Numbers. Meanwhile, Orochi is in private quarters playing blind man’s buff with some beautiful girls. The girls ask him why he’s in such a good mood, to which he explains that he finally got rid of “trash”. In another room, Queen demands more red bean soup to prepare for his performance. But the cooks are having trouble, as Big Mom also wants the soup, which Queen doesn’t care for.

Outside behind the castle, in turn, an unknown masked person wearing handcuffs keeps hitting trees and rocks.

Onigashima, Castle: Kaidou is happy that everything seems to be going well for the festival, but he asks his subordinates where his son is, since he has to show up at this event as well. The subordinates immediately run off to look for him. Meanwhile, it is reported to Kaidou that the flying six have gathered in another room. Kaidou wants them to come in so he can introduce them to Big Mom, but she is still busy changing into a kimono. Kaidou lets the flying six come to him anyway.

Meanwhile, in the main hall on the first floor, Queen and Apoo begin a concert for their subordinates, again listing them all in order: Waiters, Pleasures, Gifters, Stars and Numbers.

In the room where the flying six are, Ulti, a member of the grouping, closes the door because Queen is way too loud for her. Who’s Who, in turn, asks the group who they think would rise in rank if Queen died and his position became vacant. Drake says that he wouldn’t be interested in that position. Sasaki thinks that Drake could quietly stay out of their little contest, however Page One would have to stay out of it as well since he failed to take down the noodle soup chef. Embarrassed, Page One then turns away while Ulti gets angry that Sasaki made fun of Page One. The latter tries to calm his big sister down, however, he is unsuccessful. Black Maria thinks Ulti’s honest bluntness has charm. However, Page One retorts that he doesn’t find her behavior charming or cute at all. In return, Ulti angrily shakes Page One first and declares that she is definitely cute. Drake wonders why they were called together. Sasaki says that it’s mostly about the same thing. Ulti then realizes what he means, which is “family matters”, whereupon she calls Kaidou an idiot. The rest of the Flying Six then snap at her not to say that to Kaidou.

Fortress outside Onigashima: Zoro has found alcohol, whereupon the Straw Hat Pirates can finally toast Jinbe’s entrance. However, they suddenly see all the samurai ships passing them by. Kinemon calls out to Luffy, thanking him for the opportunity. Luffy then sets his jug down and declares that he doesn’t want to toast after all, at least not yet. Only after Kaidou, Big Mom, and Orochi are defeated does he want to toast with everyone at the biggest banquet ever. The rest of the Straw Hats agree with him and head back to the Thousand Sunny to catch up with Kinemon and co.

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