One Piece Episode 981


After the Thousand Sunny heads for the remains of the enemy ship, the Straw Hat Pirates discovers Jinbe on it, who introduces himself as the newest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Overjoyed, Luffy jumps off the ship and hugs him. Jinbe jumps back onto the Thousand Sunny with Luffy shortly after.

Thousand Sunny: Jinbe is also hugged by Nami, Carrot and Chopper who were worried about him. Jinbe apologizes for being late, as he still had to take care of some injured people from his old crew and there was a big farewell party for him afterwards. Luffy and Jinbe reminisce about how they met and helped each other out so far. Luffy then officially welcomes him to the crew. Jinbe thanks him and then goes to the helm of the ship, as he is the new helmsman of the ship as of now. Nami and Chopper explain how well Jinbe did last time, to which Franky is happy to see if anyone can really live up to the full potential of his ship. Jinbe again says every time he holds the helm of the Thousand Sunny he feels like this is a great ship. Franky thinks they should toast Jinbe now, but Sanji explains that they don’t have any drinks on board for that. However, Zoro smells something coming from the direction of Onigashima and Luffy can sniff something out as well and thinks they should go there.

Polar Tang: Kinemon tries to call over to the Thousand Sunny for Luffy to come over for a strategy session, but Law says it’s pointless since Luffy doesn’t stick to plans anyway. Shishilian heard this, however, and jumps on Law’s sub to attend the meeting, since as long as Inuarashi is fighting as a samurai under Kinemon, he’s in charge of the Minks. Hyogoro, meanwhile, has also come onto the ship and explains that he’s leading the rest of the samurai, which is why he wants to go to the meeting. Law, on the other hand, is not so happy about his ship being used as a samurai meeting place without asking.

Kinemon then explains the plan of attack. Since Onigashima is surrounded by mountains, the only way to get to Skull Mountain, where Kaidou’s castle is located, is head-on. However, through the blueprints they obtained, they learned that there is a back entrance besides the main entrance at Skull Mountain. So after they make it to Skull Mountain, they will split into two groups to get to the back entrance from the left and right. They surprise the drunken Kaidou during the festival and finish him off. Denjiro is impressed with this plan, which flatters Kinemon. However, Denjiro thinks that this bad plan was a perfect deception for Kanjuro, so Denjiro is eager to see the real plan. Kinemon then cringes since he has no backup plan and this was the real plan. Kinemon starts to stutter, at which point Law takes over. Law explains that the opponent will spot them as they have to reach Onigashima head on. The main focus will be Kinemon and his comrades, as well as Law himself, Luffy, and Kid. Law explains that no matter what plan they make, Luffy and Kid will just run straight through the main gate, making them a perfect distraction. Since they are stronger than normal distractions, they won’t be defeated as easily, and thus can buy the rest of the troops more time, since Kaidou will send a lot of his troops to Luffy and Kid. Law explains that the remaining samurai troops will use the paths to the left and right to get to the back entrance, as previously planned, but they are just another diversionary tactic. Law and Kinemon’s squad will go underwater around the island, and Law will then use his skills at the back end to get them all to Onigashima. Kinemon thinks that someone from Oden’s minions should still lead the troops, to which Denjiro agrees to take the frontal route with the others.

The Straw Hat Pirates ship has already gone head-on to Onigashima, only to find a small fortress with cannons just outside the island. The pirates are also celebrating and their food and drinks have attracted Zoro and Luffy. Jinbe manages to escape the cannon fire without any problems and anchors to the side of the fortress. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky, Robin and Brook then storm the fortress and finish off the pirates and the cannons.

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