One Piece Episode 974


The people of Wano Country can hardly believe what Shinobu has told them. That Oden has been protecting them for the past five years. Fukurokuju then appears behind Shinobu with his subordinates, saying that the truth always caused trouble. Meanwhile, the people start begging Orochi to stop the execution. But he won’t hear of it and has arrows shot at those who beg him about it. They thus quickly learned that Orochi is only after his revenge. Some others then decided to tell the story Shinobu told them, and so the truth spread throughout the city in no time. More and more people then rushed to the place of execution, apologizing to Oden for their insults and asking him to survive. Kinemon & Co. find it downright insulting how quickly people’s opinions change, but Oden thanks people for their kind words. Orochi couldn’t take kindly to this moral support, and as a result his and Kaidou’s men had to surround the place. Meanwhile, the boiling oil had already reached 700 °C, but Oden continued to hold out.

With messenger arrows, the people of the city enlightened the whole country about Oden’s deeds and his execution, so that everyone would know the truth.

Meanwhile, Oden tells his minions that if he survives, he is determined to open Wano Country to the outside world. Kinemon asks what he found out with Roger that he would seek such a goal. Oden explains that his family, the Kozuki clan, made sure to isolate the land to protect it from a large force. Wano Country, if not the entire world, awaits the return of a certain figure. When that figure returns after 800 years, the country must welcome and support him. Oden, meanwhile, is aware that he will not survive today, so he has a request for his friends. However, Kiku asks him to continue to hold on since a third of the time has already passed. However, Kinemon is aware of the situation and wants to hear his master’s final request. Oden asks her to open the land of Wano Country in his place. Raizo explains that his dream is also theirs and they will fulfill that request.

As the final minutes approached, Orochi became more and more nervous and angry, so he ordered the temperature to continue rising. With only five minutes left and Oden slowly losing consciousness, he tried to focus on his pirate days, the friends he had made and the adventures he had. This gave him the strength he needed to persevere. Oden thus managed to get through the entire hour, which is why he as well as his vassals would have to be released. Furthermore, he now had the support of the entire country behind him again. The vassals celebrate that they made it, though Inuarashi thinks it’s too early for that. His suspicions would prove true when Orochi explains that he changed the form of the execution at the last minute and Oden will now be shot, as will his family. Oden asks his minions to remember their promise again, whereupon he throws the platform into the crowd so Kinemon & Co. can escape. Kinemon orders to run to Kuri to protect Oden’s family. Further, no one is allowed to turn around no matter what they hear. Meanwhile, as they run from their pursuers, Kinemon & Co. recall their respective first encounters with Oden with tears in their eyes.

Meanwhile, at the execution site, Kaidou explains that he knew Oden’s body was already as good as dead and that the only way he could meet it was by giving it the mercy killing. However, he apologizes for interfering with the old fortune teller during their fight and explains that he has already killed her as punishment. Kaidou then says that with Oden’s death, the Kozuki clan is finished, but Oden retorts that Kaidou should not underestimate his vassals. Further, his spirit would live on even if he were to be forgotten. Kaidou then shoots Oden as he, along with the people of Wano Country watching, recites his motto one last time: Oden is only Oden if it is cooked. With a smile on his face, Oden’s body sinks into the oil.

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