One Piece Episode 972


During the battle against Kaidou’s pirates, Oden is targeted by a sniper. However, he is taken out by Shinobu, who has come to support Oden. Oden remembers her and is happy for the extra help, even though she is the only one from the ninja secret service who has remained loyal to the Kozuki family. Kaidou attacks shortly after in his dragon form, spitting a massive fireball onto the battlefield. However, Oden stands before him without a scratch. Kaidou asks him if he really thinks his eleven men stand a chance against this superior force. Oden then gets back into fighting position, at which point Kaidou tells him to try to get through to him. Oden charges off, with several henchmen getting in his way. Kinemon & Co. go to deal with them, but they are stopped by Queen and King. Oden, in turn, uses his King Shaki to get rid of Kaidou’s henchmen and jumps onto the blue dragon’s body to attack its head directly. However, after an exchange of blows, Oden is thrown back. However, Oden does not give up. He reinforces his arms with haki and leaps to attack again. Kaidou tries to stop him, but Oden says he can’t allow himself to lose here. Sure enough, Oden then manages to wound Kaidou severely, resulting in Kaidou’s scar on his chest. Kaidou goes down with a cry of pain and transforms back into his human form. However, Kaidou does not admit defeat and gets back up, armed with his club and ready to continue the fight. Oden and Kaidou charge towards each other for one last exchange of blows. But just before Oden reaches Kaidou, he hears his son’s voice and sees Momonosuke being held captive by a pirate behind him. Kaidou strikes at that moment, at which point Oden goes down, only to see that the Momonosuke in front of him was actually the old fortune teller Higurashi, merely using her abilities. Kinemon & Co. were knocked out shortly after as well.

Oden and his vassals were taken to the capital to prison to await their sentence for the rebellion. Shinobu was pardoned, as Oden pretended not to know her when she was arrested, saying that she was probably an assassin who had come to kill him. Five days after the battle, the sentence was pronounced that Oden and his samurai should die publicly in boiling oil. The populace does not seem to care, as they have long since lost their faith in Oden. So they are rather looking forward to something happening again where they can watch.

Kuri, Execution Day: Toki stays home with her children and tries to have a normal meal with them. However, Momonosuke knows what is supposed to happen today and is deeply saddened by it.

Execution Ground: A massive pot of boiling oil has been set up, and Orochi demands that Oden go in first. The populace still calls him a fool and a good-for-nothing who wasn’t even as strong as everyone says, which annoys Shinobu. Oden in turn turns to Kaidou and asks for a chance to live. Kaidou asks what he wants. Oden explains that he and his samurai are all going into the pot together, however Kaidou gives a time limit and whoever manages to survive within that time should go free.

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