One Piece Episode 971


It has been two years since Oden returned to Wano Country. Another pirate, Gecko Moria, showed up with his band of pirates and challenged Kaidou to a fight. Moria lost the battle. Shortly after, the tomb of Samurai Ryuma was looted, after which the body as well as his sword disappeared. Oden, meanwhile, had continued to dance half-naked on the streets of Flower Main Street. The only ones who didn’t turn their backs on Oden were his family, his vassals, and Tonoyasu. The people in the country, on the other hand, have started to not only trash him, but his family as well. Even Hyogoro and his wife seem to understand Oden’s motives and still talk to him normally. For four years, Oden danced in the streets while the people only looked at him with disgust and/or insulted him.

In the fifth year since Oden’s return, Orochi made his move and visited Oden on the streets of the Flower Capital. Oden bows and says he was expecting Orochi, now that five years have passed since their promise. However, Orochi kicks Oden and says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He just came over to explain that he plans to create weapons factories here as well. He also casually mentions that he had too many problems with Hyogoro because he refused to work for him and Kaidou. That’s why they shot his people, put him in jail, and also shot his wife who wanted him back. Orochi laughingly leaves Oden, who is at his wits end and imagines Orochi taking everything he holds dear. Oden then tells his minions that tonight they will finish off Orochi and Kaidou while they sleep. Kinemon and co. have waited a long time for this and are ready. Tonoyasu is ordered to Kuri to watch over Oden’s family. In the evening, Oden and his samurai leave Kuri, the evening sun colored their appearance red, which is why they were called the Nine Men with Red Sword Sheaths.

But no sooner had they left Kuri and were on their way to Onigashima than they were ambushed halfway there. Hundreds of Kaidou’s men suddenly stood in their way, and Kaidou himself was also represented. Oden had not expected a battle and wonders how Kaidou knew of their attack, to which he hints that there is a spy with Oden. Further, Kaidou didn’t want to turn his new home into a battlefield, so he accommodated him. Oden asks if the promise five years ago was a lie. Laughing, Kaidou confirms that it was, since they were at a disadvantage then. If Oden had retreated and gathered all the yakuza and samurai in the country together with Hyogoro and Tonoyasu, Kaidou and Orochi would have been at a disadvantage. Kaidou makes fun of Oden for choosing the path of saving as many lives as possible. This act reminds Kaidou of Whitebeard and Roger, whom he likewise calls naive. However, Oden says that he doesn’t regret the act from the past and is here now to talk about the future. He and his samurai then draw their swords. The battle begins, and though they are outnumbered, Oden and his vassals do very well.

Kuri: Tonoyasu explains to Toki why he’s here. He looks over at her children who are playing and says that she needs to prepare. Momonosuke is already eight and if Oden were to fall, it would be the end for this country.


  • The pirates were depicted as light figures during the battle against the samurai and dissolved into petals when they received a fatal blow.
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