One Piece Episode 969


Oro Jackson: Oden proudly looks out to sea as the rest of the crew celebrates. Oden walks over to Rayleigh, who asks him what he thinks about the last island. In response, Oden happily says that it was great and his body is still shaking with excitement now. Roger joins in and agrees. Rayleigh asks Roger if he remembers what he told him when they first met. Roger remembers. He said that it was fate that they met and together they will turn the world upside down. Roger asks if he could keep the promise, to which Rayleigh confirms. Meanwhile, the ship heads to the island where they dropped Shanks and Buggy off to pick them up.

The world was in an uproar over the “Birth of the Pirate King” and the Navy became even more aggressive as well. Roger, in turn, amused the newspaper reporting it, although he still disagrees with them changing his name to Gold Roger, even though his name is Gol D. Roger. Rayleigh, in turn, says he now understands why the government wants to disguise his name. More and more rivals showed up and set out to defeat Roger and claim the One Piece for themselves, including Shiki.

During one evening Roger then declared that it was now time for his last order and disbanded the gang. But they still want to take one last trip.

While they were again on their way to Fish Man Island, Oden and Roger heard the sea kings again. These talked of how their ruler would soon be born, and in a distant sea another ruler would soon be born. It would be ten years before the birth. After they leave that sea behind, Roger thinks that the voice is probably right and in ten years someone will be born who will surpass them all. He thinks that they were just too early. Rayleigh wonders who will find the One Piece next, to which Roger jokingly says that it will probably be his son. During one last celebration, Roger says that they should drop him off on an island with no navy and then drive Oden home. Roger tells Oden that he wants to meet with Whitebeard again and asks if he should tell him that Izou should return as well. However, Oden says that Izou would be better off staying with Whitebeard to watch over him in his place.

Then, on an island, they let Roger go ashore, and although Oden wrote in his log-book that the crew of the Pirate King did not shed a single tear, in reality they all wept bitter tears of farewell.

Wano Country, Coast: The Roger pirates see some ships wrecked on reefs. Oden explains that the isolation was necessary, but must now be lifted before Joy Boy gets here. A short time later, Oden is taken to the Kuri coast in a dinghy. Oden waves goodbye again to his comrades, who in turn call out to him from the ship.

Flower Capital: Just before reaching the capital, Oden is greeted by his wife and children. Momonosuke has also started talking by now, making his father proud. Kinemon & Co. also join them. However, they are not as polite as Oden’s family, as according to Kinemon, Oden does not deserve politeness.

Kuri: However, in Kuri, Oden is surprisingly greeted happily by the people, which greatly surprises him. Kinemon & Co. explain that he has Toki to thank for this, who helped the people after her recovery and told them about Oden’s adventures, restoring his reputation. Oden also asks where Ashura and Denjiro are, since he already didn’t see them last time. His vassals explain to him that Ashura has taken command of the mountain bandits, thus controlling them, while Denjiro in turn is collecting money to pay off debts. At his castle, Oden then learns what has become of his father, that Orochi has been appointed as second-in-command, and that several weapons factories have been built through him, forcing almost all of the men to work. Oden asks why no one is fighting back, to which Kinemon & Co. report that a pirate named Kaidou is protecting Orochi and his men. Kaidou and his crew are just too strong for them. Toki doesn’t want Kinemon to continue talking, but Oden wants to hear the story. Kinemon explains that a man refused to work for Orochi at the weapons factory, after which he and his family were executed. Kinemon & Co. could no longer stand idly by and attacked Orochi’s castle, only to learn there that their attack was expected, so they were repelled by Kaidou’s men. Further, Oden’s castle, now all but defenseless, was attacked at the same time. Kawamatsu and Inuarashi, who stayed behind, were able to defeat all the attackers, but the first assassination attempt on Momonosuke was stopped by Toki, who took an arrow through her leg in the process. Oden looks at his wife’s wound and his anger is clearly written on his face. He thanks Toki for protecting her son and goes to his swords. He gives orders to his samurai to stay behind to guard the castle. He himself wants to leave to take care of Orochi.

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