One Piece Episode 968


Coast of Wano Country: The Oro Jackson has reached the coast of Wano and feelings of nostalgia come up in Oden, but he is more excited to find another clue for the last island. Toki comes on deck to look at the island, but she becomes dizzy and loses consciousness with a high fever. Shanks immediately reports this to Oden. Below deck, Krokus explains to Oden that Toki cannot continue the voyage in her condition and should stay in Wano Country, which had been her original destination. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi explain that Momonosuke and Hiyori should also stay there. Since Kinemon and co. don’t know Toki, the two Minks want to stay by her side to protect her and leave the kids with some familiar faces they can trust. Oden is about to explain that he should stay with his wife in that case as well, but Toki interrupts him and tells him to keep traveling. She explains that if he were to give up his dream and passion over something like this, she would file for divorce.

Kuri: Kinemon is informed by Raizo that a pirate ship has docked on the coast, at which point Kinemon’s spirits lift as he believes Oden must have returned.

Coast: Kinemon, Raizo, Kanjuro, Kikunojo, and Kawamatsu initially watch the ship from a distance, as it is not Whitebeard’s ship. However, when Oden comes from it, they immediately run to him. Oden introduces his wife and children to his subordinates, which already startles Kinemon and company a bit. Oden notices that his comrades’ clothes look very worn and patched, which astonishes him. Kinemon wants to explain what happened in Kuri, or rather all of Wano Country, but Toki interrupts him, saying that if they care about Oden, they should let him go. Oden turns around and merely says that he’ll be gone a little longer. His old friends are deeply shaken. After only a few hours, the Roger pirate gang had grabbed a copy of the Poneglyph and moved on again. Oden didn’t look back as his subordinates begged him to return from shore. He knew if he turned back, he would probably never travel on.

Meanwhile, Orochi learns from the fortune teller that Oden’s son will cause him more trouble, as he is the next in line for the throne should Oden not return.

Zou: Next, the Roger pirate gang headed for the massive elephant, which they were able to find with the help of a Vivre Card given to them by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. However, Roger and Oden hear a loud voice the closer they get to the elephant. At the duchy, they meet the then-ruler Hitsugisukan and immediately hand him a letter from Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, to which he thanks them, thinking the two had perished. He led them to the Road-Poneglyph, which translated all four of them and cleared the way to the last island. As they were about to leave Zou, a small jaguar mink named Pedro stopped them and wanted to accompany them, which Roger refused, as it wasn’t his time yet.

A few days later, the crew gathers around Oden as he draws the location of the last island on a map. Roger, weakened from his illness, joins them and explains that they are heading there immediately, but they had to stop at an island nearby. Buggy had caught a high fever and could not accompany them. To take care of him, Shanks volunteered to stay behind as well. News spread quickly that Roger had been the first to circumnavigate the globe and was therefore the king of the sea and the king of the pirates.

Oden writes in his log book that at the end of their journey, they found out everything: The lost history, the people with “D” in their names, as well as the reason for the Ancient Weapons. Wano Country was once a part of it, but isolated itself from the rest of the world. Oden went on to write that in the end, when they found the treasure, Roger and his gang could only laugh out loud. Roger wished he could have met Joy Boy and decides to christen this island Laugh Tale because of the laughter.

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