One Piece Episode 967


Oro Jackson: The Roger pirate ship sails peacefully through the seas as the crew happily sings Binks’ Sake to themselves and goes about their business. Oden really likes it on the ship and wishes it could go on forever. Suddenly, he notices Roger getting a shot from the ship’s doctor, Krokus. When asked what’s wrong, Krokus explains that Roger only has a year at most to live. Roger laughs at this and says he will live his life at top speed.

A little later they notice that the log port is pointing upwards and wonder if it is broken. Roger denies this and says they’ll just have to go to Sky then. Using the knock-up stream, they then traveled to Sky Island, where they were greeted by Gan Fall. Oden couldn’t believe everywhere his journey with Roger took him and how big the world really was.

Sky Island: On Sky Island, Oden had tried out a Waver, but had no control over it at all. The Roger pirates investigated the Upper Yard, where they met Nora and eventually found Shandora, the Golden City. There they found a poneglyph which led them to the Giant Jack as well as the Golden Bell, where another poneglyph informed them about Poseidon. Roger then asked Oden to carve a message next to it for the generations yet to come. Oden was sure by now that he wanted to see Roger through to the end and see where his path took him.

After leaving Sky Island, Oden asks Roger where they’re going next, to which Roger explains that they’re looking for all the Poneglyphs that exist in order to gain clues to the last island of the Grand Line. At this, Oden, Nekomamushi, and Inuarashi explain that there is also a Poneglyph in their respective homes, which is red. Angrily, Roger explains that these are the most important ones and they should have mentioned it earlier. Since Roger already has a copy of Big Mom’s Poneglyph, they would thus already have 3 out of 4 important Poneglyphs. As for the fourth, Roger already has a guess as to where it is. However, before they can get the Poneglyphs, Scopper has to explain to Gaban that the ship, when landing from Sky Island into the sea, has taken damage and needs to be repaired. Roger then gives orders to travel to Water 7.

Water 7: Toki and Oden enjoy the attractions and beauty of the water town until the ship sails to a ship graveyard, where Roger meets his old friend Tom. After a warm greeting, Roger explains that they need help repairing their ship.

The journey of the Roger Pirates took them to many different places such as Tequila Wolf. They came to the Sabaody Archipelago, where after a coating, they went to Fish-Man Island. Along the way, however, both Roger and Oden overheard voices of a conversation between sea kings, which no one else on the crew heard.

Fishmen’s Island: King Neptune doesn’t greet Roger as friendly as Tom, because he heard a prophecy from Shyarly that someone would come and make a hole in the gate of Fishmen’s Island. As it turned out a few minutes later, this meant sea kings swimming against the gate. After the gate is fixed, Shyarly explains that the Sea Kings are angry because they are still waiting for their queen, who will be the next mermaid princess. This is a little too quick for Neptune to already be thinking about children, since he’s not even married right now and just recently took the throne. Neptune leads Roger to his destination shortly after, the Poneglyphs, there being two there, one red and one blue. Oden suggests that one isn’t that interesting, as it would be an apology letter for someone named Joy Boy. However, it also states that Poseidon is a mermaid. Neptune fears that this may be his future daughter. Roger then gets his fortune told and asks when this will be born. Shyarly explains that it will not be for another ten years.

The Roger pirates then set off again to continue their journey to new interesting islands such as. Raijin. On some islands they found again Poneglyphs, on others sometimes only problems, but mostly they had their fun.

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