One Piece Episode 966


A battle between Roger and Whitebeard has begun. Already the first exchange of blows has caused a huge shockwave, which is still visible miles away from the island. Both pirate captains start laughing in response, each declaring themselves glad to see the other. Oden, meanwhile, is shaken after seeing this power play. When Roger and Whitebeard are done laughing, they each demand the other’s treasures, whereupon their pirate gangs rush at each other. An intense battle began that lasted three days. Even Oden had found a worthy opponent in Gaban.

On the fourth day, however, both crews partied together as if the previous three days had not existed. Among the members of the pirate gangs even bartering of supplies is organized. Meanwhile, the apprentices keep watch to make sure everything goes well and no one steps out of line. On Whitebeard’s side this task falls to Marco and Teach, while on Roger’s side Shanks and Buggy keep watch. Buggy has a conversation with Shanks while they’re at it and says that Teach gives him the creeps. He has heard that Teach never slept at night during the breaks in the battle and was always on the lookout. Furthermore, he has heard that Teach basically wouldn’t sleep since the day he was born, which makes him a monster to Buggy.

A little further away, Roger, Whitebeard and Oden have a private conversation, with Roger showing Oden a print of a poneglyph and asking if Oden could read it. Oden confirms that he can read it, but asks Roger why the latter is asking about it. Roger explains he has been on the Grand Line for 13 years and was also on the last island the log port points to, Lodestar. But Roger is sure that this is not the last island on the Grand Line, there must be another hidden island. Roger wants to be the first person to sail around the world and make it to this island. However, in order to get there, he must decipher the four red pore glyphs, however, they are scattered and the knowledge to decipher them has been banned by the World Government. With the World Government thus preventing them from getting to this island, Roger suspects there’s an incredible treasure on the island, which only adds to his curiosity. If they make it there, Roger thinks, they would be the greatest of all pirate crews and he would then be the king of pirates. Again, Oden is amazed by Roger and looks at him speechless and in awe, while Whitebeard just laughs and dismisses it as a child’s fantasy. Roger is serious, however, and asks him for a big favor, and that is to let him borrow Oden as a crew member for a year. He knows this is a lot to ask and even gets on his knees about it, but Whitebeard is just furious about this request. He hates the thought of losing someone from his family to his rival. However, Oden is becoming more and more intrigued by Roger and wonders if their meeting might not have been fate. Before he realizes it himself, Oden asks Whitebeard to allow him to go along, as he wants to see this last island with Roger.

Moby Dick: Oden was able to convince Whitebeard and says goodbye to the crew. Izou wants to stay on Whitebeard’s ship and wait for Oden’s return with Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. Whitebeard, meanwhile, sits in his captain’s chair, annoyed. His crew tries to appease him that Roger has left them a massive treasure as well as food supplies. But Whitebeard then gets angry again, saying that Oden’s wife and children shouldn’t starve on Roger’s ship after all, so they should give the supplies back to them immediately. The Oro Jackson then sails away with Oden and his family, accompanied by the congratulations of his old crew.

Oro Jackson: After gaining some distance and Roger is playing with Hiyori and Momonosuke, Buggy and Shanks notice two barrels breaking, as Nekomamushi and Inuarashi were hiding inside. Oden is surprised to see the two, who explain that they think it’s more fun with Oden, so they want to stay by his side. Oden fears that Whitebeard is surely even angrier since two other members of his crew have switched to Roger, which is true. Oden asks Roger if it’s okay if they come along, to which Gaban and the rest of the crew angrily stand in front of Oden and explain that they don’t accept him as one of them yet, since Roger just needs his knowledge.

The next day, Oden, Shanks, Buggy and Gaban head out to buy supplies on an island. While there, Oden seeks ingredients to make an Oden stew for the others, though he doesn’t even pay for the ingredients, which gets Gaban & Co. in trouble. The four quickly find themselves surrounded by people who look less like merchants and more like outlaws threatening them. But they don’t stand a chance against Oden, let alone Oden, Gaban, Shanks and Buggy.

Oro Jackson: Oden, in an attempt to break the ice, has now prepared his Oden Stew for everyone to enjoy, after which Roger gives a toast to the new members of his crew.

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