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Flower Capital, Palace: Orochi has been chosen as the replacement Shogun. The latter reverently accepts and explains that he will try to clear his family’s name in this way. Since Sukiyaki nominated him, the advisors accept the decision. Yasuie again wonders why Orochi hadn’t told him he was part of the Kurozumi family. Orochi merely apologizes for not telling him.

Flashback: A young Orochi is pursued at night in the rain by a group of men who want to kill him. They swear to exterminate him and his entire family like vermin. Orochi, terrified, hides in the woods with tears in his eyes. He himself had done nothing at this point. The men are pursuing him for a crime his grandfather had committed. It is only because Orochi is also of the same family that he is being pursued, which he curses multiple times. However, he finds shelter in an old hut where he meets an old priestess and an old lute player. The priestess explains that his appearance here was fate and that he was destined to become a shogun. She asks him if he knows what his grandfather did, to which Orochi denies. He does know that he is supposed to have committed a crime, but doesn’t know the details. The priestess then tells him that his grandfather tried to become shogun himself. The last shogun could not have children. Without a successor, one of the five daimyos representing the five great families would have had to be appointed shogun. Orochi’s grandfather was one of them. To improve his chances, he poisoned his rivals, but just when it looked like he had won, an heir was recovered: Kozuki Sukiyaki. Orochi’s grandfather’s plan unraveled, whereupon he committed suicide, while the rest of the Kurozumi clan was stripped of influence, power, and land, and all members of the family were hunted down like cattle, or made homeless. The priestess asks Orochi whose fault this might be. Who Orochi should really blame. Orochi now understands what she is getting at and that it would all be Sukiyaki’s fault. She agrees with him and explains that if it wasn’t for him, he would have become Shogun soon enough. Orochi now realizes that the two before him are relatives of his and thus members of the Kurozumi clan. The priestess explains that she had left the country for a long time. She then wants to show Orochi something, whereupon she transforms into different people. She explains that this is the power of the transgender fruit and that she can also give him a special power, whereupon she pulls out a devil fruit from her cloak. She explains that if he does exactly what she tells him to do, he could become Shogun with this power. Orochi is convinced and eats the fruit. The priestess, in turn, explains that from now on he must raise a lot of money to create factories that produce weapons to bring someone important here.

Hakumai: Some time later, Orochi entered Yasuie’s service as a servant. A month later, Orochi had stolen money from the safe again and had secretly run away with it at night.

Kuri: Orochi then went to Oden and told him that his family was sick, but he didn’t want to be a burden to Yasuie, which is why he didn’t ask him for the money needed for treatment. Oden then agrees to lend Orochi money. Orochi kept returning to Oden to get more money out of him.

After they had already nearly driven Oden into financial ruin, the priestess in the hut thought they should find another target where they could make more money. For that, she turned into Oden.

Flower Capital, Palace: Disguised as Oden, the priestess asks Sukiyaki to watch over Orochi and let him work in the palace. Sukiyaki trusts Oden and grants his wish.

Years later, about shortly after Sukiyaki appointed Orochi as his second-in-command: Sukiyaki’s illness seems to be getting worse, the way he coughs. However, when the servants go off to get a doctor, Orochi and Sukiyaki, who turns out to be the priestess, laugh. A few days later, news spreads that Sukiyaki has passed away.

Moby Dick: Meanwhile, four years have passed since Oden became a member of the Whitebeard pirates. Momonosuke, meanwhile, has grown and Oden’s second child Hiyori has also been born. While they are out, they suddenly notice something strange. Several fish are swimming away from an island in a panic. The Whitebeard pirates want to take a closer look. While doing so, they notice that the wild animals on the island are also fleeing from one place.

The reason for the animals’ panic is on the other side of the island: the Roger pirate gang, who have just defeated a naval unit. Whereas Roger was disappointed in the enemy and thinks they should have sent Garp or Sengoku instead. Buggy notices the Whitebeard pirates with binoculars and warns his captain. However, the latter is looking forward to a reunion that could possibly be his last time meeting Whitebeard. Buggy mentions that someone is running straight at them, which is probably the samurai the newspapers are reporting. Sure enough, Oden is running toward the Roger pirates at top speed, though his subordinates warn him not to underestimate Roger. Rayleigh and Scopper Gaban want to stand in his way, but Roger, happy and chipper, says he will take this on. With just one swipe of his sword, Roger defeats Oden, flinging him several feet away. Oden cannot let this stand and tries to attack again, but Whitebeard manages to reach Roger before him. The combined force of the two pirate captains then collides.

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