One Piece Episode 964


Moby Dick: The crew realizes that Oden has let go of the chain and asks Whitebeard what to do now. Izou already wants to jump into the sea after him, but is stopped by the crew.

That night, on the island where he lost consciousness, Oden is nursed back to health by Toki. The next morning, he is overjoyed to finally be on another island, even though he failed to become part of Whitebeard’s gang. Toki is glad that he is feeling better, but she thinks he shouldn’t overdo it. Oden in turn thanks her for her help, noticing that she is wearing clothes similar to those from his native Wano Country. Toki then declares that she wants to go there too and asks him to accompany her there, which only brings out an annoyed look on Oden’s face. The kidnappers from yesterday then show up with their captain Karma to capture both Toki and Oden and sell them to human traffickers. Oden is looking forward to his first fight abroad and attacks Karma. However, behind Karma’s gang appears Whitebeard, who takes out Karma himself with just one blow, while Karma’s gang runs away. Whitebeard then tells Oden to hurry up as they are about to cast off, with Oden not understanding what Whitebeard is getting at as he lost the bet when he let go of the chain. However, Whitebeard counters that he knows Oden let go of the chain because of Toki’s cry, and therefore accepts him as a member of his crew and family as his little brother. Oden is overjoyed and runs to the ship.

Moby Dick: The rest of the crew is happy to see Oden well and welcome him as part of the crew. To Oden’s surprise, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are also on the ship, having snuck in secretly knowing Oden would make it aboard. When Vista asks what they should do with the stowaways and Izou, Whitebeard says they can stay, untying Izou’s bonds. Whitebeard asks Toki what she wants to do now. She explains that she wants to go to Wano Country, which only brings out an annoyed look on Whitebeard’s face as well, to which she explains that she would otherwise be happy to stay on the ship and will make herself useful as well. Thus began Oden’s adventures on the high seas, which he wrote down in his log.

The days passed and Oden learned the pirate life, making some mistakes in the beginning. For example, he accidentally sank ships that were supposed to be plundered. He curiously explored new different islands and thus learned about climates, plants and animals he had never seen before. Every day was thus an adventure, which Oden enjoyed greatly, as it far exceeded his imagination. During their journey, they also learned about Toki. For example, she explained her devil powers and that although she is biologically 26, she was born 800 years ago. However, she does not know her homeland. She only knows that her parents are from Wano Country, which is why she wants to go there. Oden apologizes that they probably won’t be sailing there for a while, but this is fine with Toki as long as she can stay with Oden. Oden also knew about the Navy and the World Government over time, with Whitebeard commenting that Oden should be happy that his country is always free.

28 years before the main storyline: Oden and Toki are now officially together and have had a son named Momonosuke. Izou later that night, since Oden is already wanted by the world government, asks if it’s time to return to Wano Country. However, Oden refuses to do so. Meanwhile, Nekomamushi is disappointed that there is never anything about Wano Country in the newspaper, to which Inuarashi explains that this is because Wano Country is not part of the World Government. Still, Nekomamushi wonders how Kinemon & Co. are doing.

Wano Country, Flower Capital: Meanwhile, news spreads that Sukiyaki’s condition has grown worse. At the palace itself, Sukiyaki is surrounded by his daimyo and declares that he wishes Oden to be his successor in case he does not survive the illness. But with Oden no longer in the country, Sukiyaki has appointed a deputy: Orochi. Yasuie finds it strange that Sukiyaki refers to Orochi as something of a little brother to Oden, which makes Yasuie wonder what is going on.

Meanwhile, on another island, Whitebeard has decided, since they are now very many, to divide the crew into different divisions. Despite objections from Oden, Whitebeard appoints him commander of the second division. A short time later, they take an orphan into their gang, who asked to come aboard Whitebeard’s ship. It is Marshall D. Teach.

Oro Jackson: Buggy and Shanks read the paper and are upset that there’s nothing about their gang in it, only the Whitebeard gang and Oden. Gol D. Roger takes the paper and says he would like to meet this samurai from Wano Country in person.

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