One Piece Episode 962


Wano Country, Kuri: Oden faces an army of bandits led by Ashura. Ashura hates nobles who don’t know what it’s like to grow up in such an environment, so he wants to kill Oden. The bandits attack, but are defeated by Oden within seconds, after which a duel between Oden and Ashura ensues. When Oden’s minions finally reach the battlefield, Oden has already defeated them all and is sitting in front of the unconscious Ashura. Oden explains that it took him an entire day and night to defeat everyone here. Ashura comes to and demands that Oden finish it and give him the coup de grace. But Oden declares he has come to a different conclusion. He asks his minions if they still want to follow him, as he will need their strength and wisdom since he has decided to become the ruler of Kuri to help the people here.

Flower Capital: Some time later, amazing news reaches Oden’s father at the palace. Oden has managed to transform Kuri from a lawless zone into a thriving, joyful society. He guided all the residents in rebuilding and a palace was even built in his honor. Sukiyaki is proud of his son and takes back the disinheritance, whereupon Oden regains the name Kozuki. Furthermore, Oden is officially appointed Daimyo of Kuri.

Kuri, Oden’s Palace: When this is announced, there is a great celebration in Kuri. When Ashura looks out the window and sees this, tears come to his eyes as he never saw peace in Kuri before. Oden can’t stand the sentimentality and changes the subject. As an official daimyo, he also needs official samurai and instead of taking any wise, serious and stern strangers, Oden wants to entrust this position to Kinemon & Co. The latter are speechless and moved to tears.

Six years later in the outside world: after the Rocks Pirates disbanded, the former members all formed their own pirate gang, with which they became famous.

Kuri, Beach: A child who is Kawamatsu finds a destroyed boat and two unconscious children lying in the sand in front of it. The two are young Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. Suddenly, young Kawamatsu is knocked down from behind. Some men see the three children as monsters haunting the beach and decide to burn them on a pyre. Oden, who had just been fishing, notices this, knocks the men out and frees the children, who then follow him to the palace.

Oden’s Palace: Oden learns that Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are Minks, which Oden has already heard about in tales from his father. The two explain that they heard that the people of Wano Country and the Minks were allies, so they secretly sailed to Wano Country to check them out, but were shipwrecked in the process. Kawamatsu, on the other hand, explains that he is a fish-man and also shipwrecked. Some time ago, he and his mother landed on Wano Country, but were pelted with rocks and driven away because of their appearance. His mother was injured so badly in the process that she died from it, however she previously told Kawamatsu that he needed to keep his fish-man identity a secret and simply explain that he was a kappa so that people would leave him alone. Since then, Kawamatsu has been living off scraps on the streets alone. The three of them inspire him, as he now knows that there is so much in the outside world that he has never seen, which is why his old dream of going out to sea is reignited. However, when he then goes to say goodbye to the children, they jump on him and plead to stay as they have nothing and no one else. Oden allows himself to be persuaded, which Denjiro says isn’t such a bad thing, however, he reminds Oden that they have large debts, as Oden also always agrees to lend Orochi money. Raizo secretly overhears, whereupon he gets an idea.

Hakumai: At night, Oden’s minions, led by Raizo, try to steal money from Yasuie, but they get caught. The next morning, Yasuie confronts them, but in the end leaves them the money and adds some more so they can all afford a good education to become worthy samurai.

Kinemon & Co. spent the next three years becoming strong, worthy samurai. They trained and studied every day so as not to disgrace Oden and to be able to protect the entire kingdom.

Flower Capital: Oden has been invited to a celebration and shows up with his entourage. The people are amazed at how much Oden’s gang of thugs have transformed into handsome samurai. At the palace, Oden and his father had a friendly conversation in which Sukiyaki explains that he is proud of what Oden has become. Oden, in turn, is glad to see that his father isn’t as sick as he’s heard. Neither of them knew that this was their last conversation together.

Kuri: Meanwhile, another damaged ship has washed up on the beach of Kuri. Its crew wants to try to repair it and says it will take at least a week. Its captain is none other than Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard.


  • That the mountain god, dissected by Oden, was patched up again is not to be seen.
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