One Piece Episode 961


Forest outside the flower capital, a few minutes before the mountain god reached the city: Tsuru has been taken hostage by the men Kinemon stole the freshet from, in order to force Kinemon to give them back the freshet. Suddenly, a rumble of thunder is heard. It is the pounding of the mountain god, who is on his way to the city. He notices the group as he does so. The men immediately run away, while Tsuru is frozen in fear as the mountain god approaches her.

Flower Capital, a little later: Oden has asked Kinemon to let him have the freshman, but he refuses, saying he can get a lot of money for it. Denjiro, on the other hand, is thrilled to face Oden, as he is the only adult he respects. Meanwhile, the massive boar devours one house after another, including its inhabitants. A priest explains that the mountain god only acts this way when his offspring have been kidnapped, which is why people should search for the culprit as well as the freshet. Hyogoro, on the other hand, tries to evacuate the people with his yakuza. Meanwhile at Kinemon & Co. one of the original fresher kidnappers has shown up and begs Kinemon to return the fresher to his parent. He explains that both of his friends were eaten by the Mountain God because they smelled like its offspring, and that Tsuru was also a victim of the beast. With a bewildered look on his face, Kinemon drops the freshet and runs to the mountain god, whereupon Oden picks up the freshet.

Fiercely determined, Kinemon attacks the behemoth, hoping to see Tsuru again. But he is no match for the mighty boar, which keeps throwing him off or away. Still, each time Kinemon gets back up and attacks again. After another direct confrontation, Kinemon is knocked out. He can’t live with the thought that Tsuru may have lost her life because of him, but he can no longer move. Oden then confronts the beast and holds up its freshman. The townspeople then believe that it was Oden who got them into this mess. Oden, on the other hand, denies nothing and allows himself to be pelted with rocks unflinchingly. Kinemon, seeing this, doesn’t understand why Oden doesn’t explain how things really are and blame him. Oden releases the freshman, but the mountain god’s anger has not dissipated and he charges at Oden. Oden in turn sets to attack and with his two sword style is able to split the massive white boar in half. All the people the monstrosity swallowed are thus released before they have even been digested. Overjoyed and with tears in his eyes, Tsuru hugs Kinemon. All the townspeople are grateful to Oden for this, but none of them can say it as they believe he is responsible for this disaster. Kinemon wants to set the record straight and explain that this is his fault, but Oden knocks him out first. A messenger then comes to Oden and hands him his father’s letter saying that he disinherited him, expelled him from the family, and banished him from the flower capital. But Oden takes it with humor, saying that his father and the town probably can’t stand him any longer. Oden accepts the decision and leaves town in a good mood. Kinemon and Denjiro, on the other hand, have decided to follow Oden and run after him.

Hakumai: Oden visits Yasuie, who calls him a fool now that he has managed to be banished from his hometown. At the meeting, Oden also meets Yasuie’s new servant Orochi. The latter overdoes it so much with his subservience that it already disgusts Oden. A few days later, Oden explains that he’s taking a tour of Wano Country to get to Kuri because he heard about a beast there named Ashura, which he wants to defeat. Yasuie explains that Kuri is a lawless area of the country and therefore considered a boil of Wano Country that even the authorities have no control over. Oden finds this interesting and heads off with Kinemon and Denjiro. After they leave, Yasuie’s servants show how much Oden trashed his room and demand that Oden pay for it. Yasuie, however, wants to dismiss it as a natural disaster. Orochi, on the other hand, explains that money was stolen from a safe in another room and he saw Oden steal it. This strikes Yasuie as odd, though, since Oden would never do such a thing secretly.

Meanwhile, Oden, Kinemon, and Denjiro travel from town to town. As they do so, Oden annoyingly asks them how long they will continue to follow him, with the two eagerly declaring that they will follow him for the rest of their lives as his loyal vassals, which visibly annoys Oden. That evening, in a lonely cabin where the three have taken shelter, Kinemon notices Oden writing something in a book and questions him about it. Oden explains that he is writing a log, similar to what navigators do on the high seas to record each day.

Ringo: In a snowy poor village, Oden met two little siblings, brothers Izou and Kikunojo, who were trying to afford food with street dancing and music. But no one would give them anything. Their father was arrested and their family broke apart as a result, leaving them with only each other. They simply followed Oden as he was wandering through the village and sat down to eat his Oden stew without his permission.

Kibi: In Kibi, there was supposedly a ghoul running around who cut the hair off the heads of both living and dead people to make brushes, which he later sold to earn his living. This was Kanjuro. At night, while Oden & Co. were sleeping, he tried to cut off their hair as well, but Oden knocked him out first. Kanjuro then decided to follow Oden as well, despite Oden’s objections.

Udon, Forest: Rumor has it that there is a bandit in the forest who kidnaps women and beats their husbands badly. Oden & Co. investigated this. However, when the bandit caught sight of Oden, he jumped out of hiding. It turned out to be Raizo, who retreated into the woods after having his heart broken. However, he doesn’t want to live like this any longer and asks Oden to allow him to come with him. Oden was not thrilled about this, but Raizo followed him anyway.

Kuri, Bandit’s Lair: Ashura has heard that Oden is on his way. Hating nobles and authority, he plans Oden’s assassination and tells his men to stand by.

Kinemon, Kanjuro, Denjiro, Raizo, Izou and Kiku are having breakfast and wonder where Oden is. Raizo says that he went south to relieve himself, to which Denjiro notes that the gates of Kuri are there, where the lawless zone begins, so Oden runs straight into the arms of the bandits. The minions then immediately set out to support their master. Meanwhile, Oden has reached the gates of Kuri and destroys the border fence. He enters the lawless zone and is already met by a dozen bandits, which makes Oden smile.

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