One Piece Episode 959


Flashback 25 years ago, Oro Jackson: The Roger pirate gang is having a celebration when Oden looks at the faces of his comrades and thanks Roger for taking him. Roger, quite drunk, thinks that he should be the one to thank. Shortly after, however, Roger starts arguing and fighting with the equally drunk Crocus. Oden then looks at the horizon and says that he probably needs to get back, as he has some business to take care of. Rayleigh overhears this and says that if Oden has any problems in Wano Country, feel free to ask them for help as they would definitely help him, to which Shanks and Buggy also offer their assistance. Oden thanks them for the offer, but says that he has to handle this on his own as a member of the Kozuki family. He says he learned a lot from his trip with Roger, including why Wano was closed off from the outside world. While he hardly has the right to become shogun after selfishly leaving the country, he wants to open Wano Country with his vassals to fulfill the will they learned about and see what will happen twenty years from now.

Present, Wano Country, Hakumai: Orochi sets off with several ships along with his ninjas and high-ranking samurai to travel to Onigashima to attend Kaidou’s festival. Only Kyoshiro is left behind in the capital, in case something should happen.

Flower Capital: Later in the evening, the whole town is celebrating. While Orochi and Kaidou and their armies are in Onigashima, the normal residents can eat and drink as they please for tonight, as there is no one to forbid them. Everyone is happy to have a nice celebration and think they can see a beautiful full moon in the night.

Udon, Tokage Port: Kinemon, the other red sword-sheaths, Shinobu and Momonosuke have arrived at the port. However, instead of their allies, they find only a stormy sea and destroyed ships. Nekomamushi hasn’t shown up yet either, and they can’t get in touch with anyone through their smail at the moment. Frustrated and confused, Kinemon falls to his knees and wonders what could have happened within a day that no one could come. Suspicions begin to rise that they may have been attacked. Kinemon then tries again to contact Luffy, Hyogoro, Law, and the Minks through the Smail, but none answer his frantic voice calling for help for the battle. Ashura then tells Kinemon to stop and look to the sea and storm ahead of them, as it already looks like even the sky has given up on them.

Flashback, two days earlier: In all corners of the country, preparations were being made for the raid on Onigashima. Ships and armor were built, weapons were transported, and routes were planned so that no one would be able to track them down if they wanted to get to the harbor.

Kuri, Amigasa: Hitetsu has given Luffy, Brook and Chopper some samurai armor on the occasion of the battle, which the three are happy about. Sanji asks Zoro if he wants one, but Zoro says that it would only slow him down. However, Sanji teases Zoro that he should rather wear armor since his bounty is so small, at which point an argument breaks out between the two again, which is stopped by Nami. Some Minks later explain that they hope the weather cooperates and they can see the full moon at night to play their ace. Nami also thinks that the Su Long form of the Minks will probably be crucial and a big help. However, Shishilian thinks that it would be even more important if Nekomamushi showed up in time. Luffy then goes quiet, walking over to the cliff and looking at the horizon. Luffy explains that Big Mom has already made it here, but Jinbe is still not there. This fact worries Luffy, especially since he last saw Jinbe during a battle with the Big Mom pirates. However, Zoro reaffirms Luffy’s belief in Jinbe, as he will surely come.

Ebisu Village: The Ushimitsu thief had appeared overnight and deposited masses of gold for the residents to buy something to drink and eat.

Kuri, Almo Village: Holdem tells the villagers that he burned down the Atamayama thieves’ hideout, but they still steal supplies from them. Holdem demands information about the thieving gang. Some villagers know that these thefts are for preparation for Orochi and that they must not tell Holdem. Tsuru, Kinemon’s wife, then offers to lead Holdem to a hiding place. In truth, she only wants to mislead him so that he will leave the village and its inhabitants alone, and also so that he will not come across any scent of Kinemon. However, the villagers know that Tsuru is thus sacrificing himself, as Holdem will know no mercy once the hoax is exposed. They then explain that it was they who stole the supplies because they were hungry.

Present: Inuarashi finds a small boat, which is still intact and in which they would fit. Momonosuke and Shinobu want to stop Kinemon & Co. and postpone the attack, but Kinemon says that’s no longer an option.

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