One Piece Episode 958


Navy Headquarters, Sakazuki’s office: The Grand Admiral asks Fujitora via Den-den Mushi if he is happy now that he has achieved his goal of abolishing The Seven Warlords of the Seas system. Sakazuki himself was against it, but must bow to the orders of his superiors. Sakazuki calls the decision naive, as justice always takes its toll. However, Fujitora asks what is wrong with changing this. He thinks Sakazuki can’t afford to have an opinion, since he was never one of the weak and innocent people who suffered at the hands of the strong. Fujitora finds such a concept worthless. Sakazuki should therefore get used to the idea that the balance of power will change drastically. Sakazuki, in turn, wonders just how much it will change and informs Fujitora that Big Mom and Kaidou have joined forces. Fujitora wonders if this could mean the return of Rocks. Sakazuki then admonishes Fujitora for taking this lightly and talking about it like it’s a legend, as it’s the worst thing that could happen at this moment when they’re already fully engaged.

Meeting Room: Brannew informs all officers about Kaidou and Big Mom’s alliance. Currently, he explains, the two pirate gangs have not yet completely joined forces and the goal of the alliance is currently unknown. All that is known about a shared past between the two is related to the Rocks pirates, about whom not much is known either. Many of the young officers don’t know who the Rocks Pirates are and ask Sengoku, who is standing next to Brannew.

Sengoku then tells the story of the Rocks Pirates. It was a gang of salient characters who banded together on Hachinosu to get a lot of money quickly. The group was so brutal that there were more frequent fights to the death even on their own ship. Members included: their captain Rocks, Whitebeard in his younger days, Big Mom in her youth, Kaidou then a rookie, Shiki, Captain John, Silver Axe, and Ochoku. All later made names for themselves after the Rocks. The officers don’t understand how such a band of pirates got lost in history. Sengoku then explains that, for one thing, they all hated each other. For another, their captain Rocks tried to rise to be the king of the world and had his gang commit several terrorist attacks that were covered up by the world government. However, 38 years ago, a fateful day occurred on the island of God Valley. On that day, the newspapers reported, the Rocks Pirates was defeated by Monkey D. Garp, who was subsequently given the title “Hero of the Navy.” The officers are surprised to hear another heroic story about Garp. However, Sengoku explains that Garp doesn’t like to talk about it and confides a secret to them. One of the reasons Garp doesn’t want to talk about it is that he had to work with a pirate to get this done. The other reason is that he saved World Nobles in the process. Garp dislikes World Nobles and, among other reasons, has never become an admiral because then he would be under their command. He does not hide his dislike for them, but has often been spared their wrath because of his achievements and popularity. Sengoku goes on to explain that the pirate who fought alongside Garp against the Rocks pirates was none other than Gol D. Roger. The officers are shocked and wonder what God Valley is all about and why they never heard of the island before. Sengoku explains that there is a simple reason. The island itself no longer exists on world maps. The world government didn’t want anyone to know about it and the island disappeared without a trace. Rocks was also supposed to be forgotten, which is why a lot of information about him disappeared, and the only people who still remember him are marines from Sengoku’s generation. One of the officers cannot believe that there was once a man who commanded three of the Four Emperors. Sengoku responds that Roger and Rocks had one thing in common. Rocks’ full name was Rocks D. Xebec, making him one of the pirates who have a “D” in their name and always set the world on edge.

Back to the initial topic, Sengoku explains that Big Mom and Kaidou are now also stronger than they were back then and if they team up, it will be dangerous. Brannew should therefore show the current wanted posters with the bounties once. Brannew wants to go through all Four Emperors once. Starting with the one who received his title as Emperor a year ago: Blackbeard with a bounty of 2,247,600,000 berry. The next has only been one of the Four Emperors for six years and is the youngest in age: Shanks with a bounty of 4,048,900,000 berry. Next, the ruler of Totto Land: Big Mom with a bounty of 4,388,000,000 Berry. Now the one who was still an apprentice with the Rocks, but now has the current highest bounty of the Four Emperors: Kaidou with a bounty of 4,611,100,000 Berry. Brannew explains that now they can’t rely on the Seven Samurai to take on these monsters, so they now have to rely on the Marine Science Unit. Furthermore, Brannew wants to present two more old wanted posters for the sake of completeness. First Whitebeard’s wanted poster with a bounty of 5,046,000,000 Berry and then Gol D. Rogers with a bounty of 5,564,800,000 Berry. These two have had the highest bounties so far, but when Kaidou and Big Mom team up, they surpass them. He explains that they are currently in Wano Country, but before he can finish speaking, he is interrupted by the Grand Admiral.

Sakazuki explains that they don’t have enough men to send any more to Wano Country and since it’s not part of the world government anyway, they should forget about the island. Sengoku then wants to leave the room, explaining that he just wanted to share his knowledge with the younger generation, as they should know the past to determine the course of the future. He remembers that there was also once a samurai that Whitebeard, Roger, and Shanks kept an eye on. Sakazuki knows that Sengoku is talking about Oden, to which Sengoku explains that he probably has nothing to do with current events. However, he says it’s strange that so many famous pirates keep making it to Wano Country.

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