One Piece Episode 957


Seas at the Entrance of the New World: On a naval ship, Issho thinks about how he once told Doflamingo and also Aramaki that he plans to abolish the Seven Samurai system.

The Levely has now been over for a week and the Kings have returned to their kingdoms.

Fishmen’s Island: Neptune is glad to have finally arrived home and Shirahoshi thanks Garp for bringing her back. Neptune offers Garp to rest here for a while as well. The latter accepts the offer, but explains that he can only stay for a cup of tea given the situation at the moment. As he drinks his cup, Garp explains that the Levely always gives him a lot, as the Kings can never be calm and kind to each other. Neptune admits that there were heated discussions at the meeting. Garp says that as long as no blood was spilled, one can still speak of peace, which is probably the main thing. Still, something terrible happened this time, he says. Garp explains that right after the Levely, there was an incident that he was informed about during their trip home. He swears that the Navy will take care of it, which is why Neptune & Co. need not fear the world above the sea and humans. Neptune then asks Garp what actually happened.

A few days earlier, headquarters of the World Economic Newspaper: After the conclusion of the Levely, the journalists are very busy. Events seem to have spilled over and they don’t know what to put on the front page now. Even Morgan can’t make up his mind at the moment, as both the Levely’s resolution has its appeal, but someone has died, which can also send sales soaring. He then decides that there should be two headlines. The front and back should look like one headline. Attack then presents Morgans with a letter from the world government. This is accompanied by a large check, provided Morgans alters or falsifies the information for a particular story. Morgans refuses, however, and tells Attack to throw the letter in the face of the World Government people. However, it turns out that Morgans wasn’t talking to Attack at all, but to a World Government CP agent disguised as Attack, who is now holding Morgans at gunpoint. However, Morgans manages to overpower his enemy and knock him out. As it is now too dangerous here, Morgans tells his men that they have to change their position. It is then revealed that their headquarters is a massive zeppelin, which now rises into the air. Morgans explains that he will not let anyone tell him what to publish. Suddenly, one of his staff tells him that he has a call from King Wapol, who wants to give Morgans information.

Shortly thereafter, several newspapers are circulated. Especially in Arabasta the news seems to have caused great shock, so that several people start to cry.

Momoiro: The revolutionaries are also shocked and cannot believe what they read in the newspaper. Ivankov doesn’t want to believe the news about Sabo. Dragon tries to calm everyone down and gives instructions to gather facts first. However, Belo Betty says that this will be hard since they lost contact with the team that went to Mary Geoise.

Dawn: Makino has closed her bar and has been crying ever since she read the paper. Dadan and her band of robbers are also devastated by the news, having just learned that Sabo is still alive.

Impel Down: Doflamingo sits in his cell, reading the paper and laughing as he does so because, as he predicted, the world has been in constant turmoil since his defeat, so there’s never a dull moment.

Pirate’s Paradise: Blackbeard again orders his crew to sail, as he wants to grab “It” before the Navy does.

Wano Country: In an abandoned hut, X. Drake makes a phone call, calling Koby. The latter retreats to a room so that no one will overhear the conversation. After they exchange two code words, it is revealed that Drake is still working for the Navy; as an undercover agent for the secret task force SWORD. Koby explains to him what happened outside of Wano, which startles Drake. Koby admits that the situation is serious and all the marines are needed everywhere because of it, which is why Drake can’t get support on Wano Country. Drake in turn has to inform Koby that the assumption that Kaidou and Big Mom might take each other out was unfortunately wrong, as they have joined forces. Now, in turn, Koby is terrified. Drake also has to add that he saw CP0 agents in the capital, which means the World Government is doing business with an island ruled by pirates. Drake asks where Koby is, to which he explains that he’s on his way to Amazon Lily with a fleet to arrest Boa Hancock.

The Seven Samurai system has been abolished on Levely, making the Samurai of the Seas all common pirates now. For people who believe that all pirates are evil and loathe world government, this is good news. However, for government leaders who know how important the balance of power was and how strong the Samurai were in fighting Whitebeard, this is alarming news. This was one of the two headlines in the news. King Kobra and King Riku Doldo III have been advocating for the abolition of the system at the Levely, as their two kingdoms have suffered greatly due to abuse of office by one Samurai of the Seas each.

Karai Bari: Vice Admiral Stainless also explains the situation to Buggy over the loudspeaker and gives him the order to turn himself in because of it. Buggy in turn panics and doesn’t know what to do. He tells his men not to lose their nerve as they will fight back the Navy, with Buggy secretly hoping to escape in the confusion.

Mihawk and Weevil are also each placed at their staging areas by marines and get ready to fight.

Amazon Lily: After Hancock gets the news of what’s going on off her coast, she tells her people not to be afraid because there’s a reason she was one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas and she’s about to prove it.


  • On July 10, 2021, the official Twitter account of posted part of the storyboard, which was made by director Megumi Ishitani.
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