One Piece Episode 955


Ringo: Hiyori has offered to give Zoro one of her father’s swords as a replacement for Shuusui, which gave Kaidou his scar: Enma. She explains that Oden fought in the two-sword style and bequeathed one sword to each of his two children before his execution. Momonosuke would own the sword Ame no Habakiri, while she got Enma. Kawamatsu is not at all thrilled about this and vetoes giving such a famous and great sword to someone like Zoro. Hiyori tries again to explain to Zoro how important the Shuusui is to the country, to which Zoro states that he will return it on two conditions. First, he wants the replacement sword she told him about, and second, he wants to visit Ryuma’s grave.

Flower Capital, Rasetsu Prison: The prisoners have still not been released. Meanwhile, on a deeper level, Law is deactivating his Room and is sitting next to a defeated Hawkins. Law asks what’s going on anyway, since he had an alliance with Apoo and the Kid. However, Hawkins explains that they were betrayed since Apoo was already working for Kaidou and turned them in. Kaidou then offered them to work for him, as he wants to build the strongest army there is. Hawkins laid his own cards on the table at that time and saw that he had 0 percent chance of winning a fight against Kaidou or getting away alive, so surrendering was the only logical solution. The Kid and Killer, however, refused to surrender and fought Kaidou to the bitter end. However, Kaidou didn’t want to kill them, preferring to break their spirit so they would join him, which is why he left them alive and took them with him. The remaining members of Kid’s crew are forced to do whatever Orochi tells them to do, or else Kid will be killed. Hawkins thinks that the Four Emperors would be playing in a completely different world than them. Hawkins says that the alliance between Law and Luffy has been going well so far, however he asks him if he’s had any doubts in the meantime after what happened on Wano. Law won’t hear of it and strikes with his sword. A few moments later, thanks to an unknown person who released him, he leaves his cell, saying that no matter what she was planning, he was in. Shortly after, Law leaves again. There are six days left until the attack on Onigashima.

Udon: Luffy trains with Hyogoro by hitting the thick iron walls with his haki-enhanced fists, causing dent after dent. Hyogoro in turn explains that Luffy should imagine that these were Kaidou’s scales. There are five days left before the attack on Onigashima.

Kuri, Amigasa: Meanwhile, Kinemon relays via Den-den Mushi to all allies that Yasuie changed the symbol on the flyer and added two lines on the snake. All the residents of Wano immediately know what this means and want to pass on the change. Nami is amazed at how quickly everyone figured this out and asks what it means herself. Kinemon then explains that this news is only understandable to someone who knows all the ports of Wano Country. The ports are named after different animals: Weasel, Cat, Frog, Mole, Lizard, and Snake. By Yasuie drawing a line to the front and back of the snake respectively as if they were legs, Kinemon thinks that the port was changed from snake to lizard since a snake with legs is a lizard. Kawamatsu and the others from the red sword sheaths and straw hat members join and Kinemon explains that they were able to increase their troop strength as they had hoped. While they haven’t found all nine members of the Red Sword Sheaths, as Denjiro is still missing and Nekomamushi is still out, Kinemon thinks they still have a good chance, which is why he wants to go over the plan now.

Coast of Wano Country: Apoo arrives with his ship, but doesn’t take the way Luffy and Big Mom took over the waterfall, but the secret way through the cave behind the waterfall, which you can only enter with Kaidou’s or Orochi’s permission, where the secret harbor Mole is located. From there, you can take an elevator to Hakumai. Apoo reports to Kaidou via Den-den Mushi that everything went well and they have come for the big celebration, which they are looking forward to. Meanwhile, some village children are startled to see Apoo and his crew heading towards Onigashima, accompanied by massive monsters known as Numbers.

Onigashima: King hears that the Numbers have just arrived, which Queen doesn’t like, as they are heavy drinkers. Meanwhile, Big Mom and Kaidou make a celebratory toast and drink sake and red bean soup. Kaidou is already looking forward to the fire festival, as it will truly be a grand celebration. Queen, on the other hand, can’t believe how quickly Big Mom and Kaidou became friends again, even though they fought each other to the death just a few days ago. Big Mom and Kaidou then explain that they have decided to form a pirate alliance between their two crews. They further declare that they will first take over the world together and then return to their fight.

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