One Piece Episode 954


Ringo: Zoro is chasing Gyukimaru, who has run away. However, since he is wounded, Zoro can easily follow the trail of blood in the snow. Zoro finds him in front of a broken building, the entrance to which Gyukimaru uncovers just before he disappears.

Meanwhile, Kawamatsu fights more of Kaidou’s henchmen at the bridge. Since it’s apparently not safe there, he wants to head towards Zoro’s with Hiyori first. On the way, Hiyori asks what he did after they parted ways. Kawamatsu explains that he went to Ringo here, where swordsmanship was highly valued. From birth, men were each handed a sword, which they carried with them until the end of their lives, and in the end became their tombstone. Since some are also very high-ranking swords, grave robbery is a constant problem in Ringo. Kawamatsu then wants to explain what happened 13 years ago.

Flashback 13 years ago in Ringo at a cemetery: Kawamatsu was about to end his life when he hears a noise. Some grave robbers are running away, having been attacked by a fox. Kawamatsu recognizes the wounded fox as Onimaru, the companion of the late daimyo of Ringo Shimotsuki Ushimaru. When Kawamatsu looks around properly, he realizes that he is surrounded by swords that Onimaru has been defending alone for five years. However, the fox then succumbs to his injuries and collapses. Kawamatsu tends to him, cares for his wounds, and gives him something to eat. The next morning, the fox is awakened by noise from outside. He discovers Kawamatsu taking the swords that Onimaru has been protecting all this time from the tombs with a pickaxe. Enraged, the fox attacks him, but Kawamatsu is able to fight him off. He then tries to explain that there will be another battle in 13 years and they need enough weapons for it, so he must disturb the peace of the tombs now so that the land has a future. Kawamatsu wants to continue to hide the swords from Kaidou’s grave robbers even as he does so. Since he’s already failed to protect Hiyori, he wants to at least do that for his comrades. Onimaru, who has been biting Kawamatsu’s arm the entire time so far, lets go in response. The next day, it is Kawamatsu who is awakened by a noise and sees Onimaru now digging out the swords. The two then went out every day to retrieve swords and even dug an underground cellar to store them all in. When Bingo, Bongo, and Bungo tried to steal swords for themselves, Kawamatsu, in disguise, and Onimaru stood in their way on the bridge. When asked who he was, Kawamatsu, in order to keep his identity a secret, replied that he was Gyukimaru and was now stealing their weapons. When Kawamatsu went into town to steal some food a few days later, he was caught and taken to Udon.

Present: Hiyori asks if Kawamatsu came back here to check on the fox, but Kawamatsu denies it. He believes that Onimaru has surely given up on him after not returning for the past 13 years. Meanwhile, the two have caught up with Zoro, who explains that the monk disappeared after uncovering the entrance to the house. Kawamatsu recognizes the place as his hiding place for the swords. A bit later, Kawamatsu calls Kinemon via smail and explains that Kinemon should send some people to him, as they have enough weapons for everyone. Kawamatsu looks around the warehouse and wonders if really he collected all those weapons, as some shelves were man made. Meanwhile, outside the house, the monk Gyukimaru walks away with a smile on his face, thinking that he has now completed his task. Shortly after, he transforms into the fox Onimaru and runs away.

Meanwhile, Zoro wants to go back to look for his sword Shuusui, whereupon Hiyori asks him to leave the sword here in Wano. But Zoro doesn’t want to get involved, so Hiyori offers him a replacement. One of the swords she inherited from her father: Enma. It was the only sword so far that could inflict a wound on Kaidou. To be more specific, the scar on his chest. When Zoro hears this, his ears perk up.

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