One Piece Episode 953


Onigashima: Kaidou and Big Mom have taken their fight outside. Some of Kaidou’s men ask him to stop, as the island can’t withstand the clash of two emperors for long, but Kaidou won’t hear of it.

Meanwhile, in a bunker underground, some of Kaidou’s other men are hiding until the fighting stops. Queen yells at the men that they should be ashamed of themselves for their cowardice. However, when asked why he’s also in the bunker, Queen won’t answer and quickly changes the subject. Queen asks if they’ve been able to reach Udon in the meantime, to which his men deny, at which point Queen wants to go back to see if everything is okay. However, his men have already seen through the fact that Queen just wants to get away from Onigashima quickly while Kaidou and Big Mom are still fighting. Queen is about to deny this when suddenly the Smashi rings and a call comes in from Udon. It’s Babanuki, reporting that everything would be settled by now, as Luffy and Kid are safely behind bars again. Queen asks if he should come over anyway, but Babanuki says that’s not necessary and hangs up.

Udon, prison/work camp: Babanuki asks Tama if he did a good job, calling her a master. Tama confirms this and gives him a handshake. Raizo, on the other hand, can hardly believe the powers Tama possesses, with Kiku once again explaining that it only works on animals and animal people. A brief flashback occurs showing Tama giving one of her dumplings to Babanuki’s elephant to eat, after which Babanuki himself was also tamed. In the present, Raizo also thanks Caribou again for his help, since he had stolen the main Den-den Mushi to cut off communication. The latter is glad that everything worked out as planned, but reminds Raizo that he now owes him something. Meanwhile, the prisoners thank Chopper for healing them. Meanwhile, Hyogoro is confronted by four more prisoners who are happy to see him again. Raizo recognizes the four as the former yakuza bosses: Omasa from Udon, Tsunagoro from Hakumai, Cho from Ringo, and Yatappe from Kibi. The four of them pledge their allegiance to Hyogoro anew. Luffy finds it amusing how powerful Hyogoro suddenly seems, whereupon the four yakuza bosses immediately want to execute Luffy for his lack of respect. However, Hyogoro is able to convince them to stop, after which the four of them plan to leave to gather more rebels against Orochi.

Kibi, Coast: Ashura hands Kinemon another surprise, the blueprints of Onigashima that Franky had searched for in vain, as he was the thief who stole them. Shortly after, Kinemon receives a call from Raizo, who explains that not only has Luffy been rescued, but they have also gained 3,500 more comrades-in-arms, including Kawamatsu, as well as taken over Udon. However, he thinks that they may have trouble equipping everyone with weapons. After all, the weapons made and stored here are for export, and the prisoners are only familiar with simple swords, spears, and lances. Kinemon wants to see what can be done and return to Amigasa.

Ringo: Hiyori runs to Kawamatsu and bursts into tears with joy at seeing him again. He doesn’t recognize her at first, as she has grown considerably in the last few years. However, when he recognizes her, he is happy to see her again. Hiyori apologizes again for running away.

Flashback: Kawamatsu had always given Hiyori much of the food he found during the time he was looking after her, and therefore suffered greatly from hunger himself, but concealed this from her. Still, Hiyori could see this and was afraid that he would die because of her. Therefore, she decided to run away one night so Kawamatsu could survive on his own. Kawamatsu in turn searched everywhere for Hiyori, but he couldn’t find her anywhere.

Present: Gyukimaru is also about to say something to Kawamatsu when he is suddenly shot. Some of Kaidou’s men try to reclaim their stolen weapons from Gyukimaru, but they are quickly defeated by Zoro and Kawamatsu. Gyukimaru, in turn, took advantage of the moment to run away.

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