One Piece Episode 944


Bakura: Kinemon and Inuarashi see Zoro and Sanji fighting through the transmission, but can’t blame them. Ashura now in turn wants to go in search of Holdem, but Kinemon asks him for a moment of his time. Outside the city, Kinemon confesses that he had ordered the Minks to steal food and weapons from Holdem and leave messages that it was Ashura and his thieves, making Kinemon responsible for his revenge. Ashura then walks up to Kinemon and throws him to the ground. Kinemon explains he didn’t expect Holdem to react so extremely and burn Ashura’s Atamayama Forest to the ground right away. Kinemon takes a bow and apologizes. He apologizes several times, but continues to ask Ashura to stand by them during the Fire Festival when they face Kaidou and Orochi on Onigashima. However, Ashura says that Kinemon still doesn’t know the weight of the last twenty years, to which he says that Kinemon and Inuarashi should come with him since he has something to show them.

Udon, prison/work camp: Big Mom tries to get through the main gate. She has problems at first, but in the end she manages to tear open the massive gate with sheer muscle power. The guards get a huge fright when they see Big Mom, but don’t get to warn Queen, as Big Mom swats them away when they don’t answer her about where the red bean soup is. Big Mom inexorably keeps walking until she gets to the courtyard where the sumo matches are currently taking place. Queen, Luffy as well as all the guards get a scare when Big Mom breaks down the gate and stands in front of them.

Outside the gate: Tama wants to run after Big Mom right away, but Kiku thinks it’s a bad idea since it’s too dangerous. Momonosuke and Tama are told to stay outside while Kiku and Chopper check on things.

Meanwhile, in the courtyard, Big Mom demands the promised red bean soup. When Queen hears this, his fear of the Empress evaporates as he doesn’t want to share his favorite food with anyone and declares that she’s not getting any of it, not knowing that Luffy and Hyogoro had already eaten it all that night. Luffy wants Queen to get Kid and Killer out of the tank first or they will drown, but Queen doesn’t listen. He uses his devil powers and it turns out he’s a Zoan guy too, transforming into a Brachiosaurus. However, Big Mom is unimpressed and continues to demand the red bean soup. When Queen continues to refuse and demands to leave, she jumps up to his head, grabs it and smashes it to the ground.

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