One Piece Episode 943


Flower Capital, Rasetsu: Sanji leaves Usopp to Toko so he can better defend himself against Drake. Meanwhile, Zoro doggedly fights against Kyoshiro, but he is able to fend off Zoro’s attacks. However, their fight is interrupted by the ninjas joining them. Kyoshiro then retreats, while Fukurokuju explains to Zoro that they know by now that he, as well as the rest, is a pirate. He then shows the wanted posters of the Straw Hat Pirates and explains that they will not let anyone escape. All of the ninjas except for Jigoku then set out to capture the remaining members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Jigoku, in turn, tries to capture Zoro and reveals that her guitar is actually a machine gun, which she fires at Zoro. The ninjas get in the way of Nami, Robin, and Usopp at various ends, at which point Brook releases his soul. The ninjas believe that the evil spirit has reappeared to haunt them and run away. Daikoku notices Hiyori fleeing the execution site as well, and orders Fujin and Raijin to pursue her, as she was seen with Zoro.

Udon, prison / labor camp: Killer and Kid are put on shackles, which are connected to an iron chain with a crank. The two are thus suspended upside down over a pool of water and slowly lowered down. Since both are Devil Fruit users (or rather, Kid ate a Devil Fruit and Killer ate a Smile Fruit) water torture is even worse for them. Luffy demands that they be released, to which Queen comes up with a better idea. He makes them reappear briefly and declares that his sumo matches will now continue.

Flower Capital, Rasetsu: Disguised again in a bamboo helmet, Law, in the general confusion, wants to take the opportunity to free his men from prison. However, when he goes to the cells and is greeted by Shachi and Penguin, Hawkins sees him as well. Law asks where Bepo is, to which Hawkins explains that they know Law’s abilities, which is why it would have been stupid to keep all the hostages in just one spot. Law gets ready to fight and Hawkins draws his sword as well, however Hawkins thinks Law couldn’t beat him and cuts his own arm as a result. However, the damage is transferred to Shachi. Hawkins explains that he has four lives at the moment, as he has joined the three lives of Law’s friends with his. Thus, the only way to hurt Hawkins is to kill Shachi, Penguin, and Bepo first. Law thus has no choice but to surrender.

Sanji, meanwhile, has some trouble landing a decent hit on Drake. Drake himself says that Sanji should not underestimate him, as he is stronger than Page One. However, Sanji suddenly hears Hiyori’s scream. Sanji sees her being threatened by Fujin and Raijin, which makes him want to rush to her aid. He uses some stronger attacks against Drake to get him down for now and rushes to Hiyori’s rescue. However, just before he can save her, Zoro has already done so and runs off with her. Sanji, in turn, is stunned.

Udon, Prison/Labor Camp: Queen explains that he is adding a new rule to the sumo matches: As long as Luffy and Hyogoro are still alive, Kid and Killer will be submerged underwater, should Luffy and Hyogoro die, Queen will let Kid and Killer back out of the water. Kid and Killer are then submerged back into the pool. Luffy, in turn, is furious and attacks Queen, asking why he himself isn’t getting into the ring. Queen is able to fend off the attack, however, and says that Luffy shouldn’t make a fool of himself, nor should he have any hope of getting out of here alive. However, Luffy declares that he will decide when and where he dies. At that moment, a familiar laugh can be heard, it’s Big Mom.

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