One Piece Episode 942


Flower Capital, Rasetsu: Zoro and Sanji have saved Toko. This naturally angers Orochi and he demands her execution, but Orochi’s samurais are unable to land even a blow on them. Zoro and Sanji, on the other hand, after not seeing each other for so long, naturally have to start fighting again. Hawkins and Drake, of course, recognize the two as members of the Straw Hat Pirates and now attack as well. Zoro, meanwhile, wants to silence Orochi. He hands Toko over to Sanji and attacks him from a distance with Chop 720 Sense Phoenix. However, the attack is blocked and reflected by Kyoshiro. Sanji shouts to Zoro to calm down, but he is attacked by Drake at that moment.

Nami & Co. ponder what to do, as while they’d like to help, they don’t want to show their faces as well, which would again ruin the plan. Still, Shinobu wants to get Yasuie’s body out of here to give him a decent burial. The group ends up deciding that Kanjuro and Shinobu should retreat so no one sees them. The rest of the Straw Hats would try to get Yasuie’s body. Franky runs to Sanji and Zoro and fends off some bullets. Shortly after, he grabs Yasuie’s body and takes off with it while Usopp, Robin and Nami back him up.

Udon: Luffy cheers on his crew, while Queen says that Zoro has found the worst possible opponent in Kyoshiro, as he is quite strong. However, Queen is interrupted shortly after by Babanuki. The latter informs him that they have a new prisoner who is just coming through the gate. Handcuffed, Kamazo is then led through the gate because he couldn’t complete his mission to kill Toko. The guards explain that they even have someone else they captured along the way: It’s Kid. One guard explains that Kid came running towards them, yelling something they didn’t understand. However, since Kid was still wearing his sea stone handcuffs, they managed to subdue him. Kamazo then starts laughing out loud. The Kid looks at him confused and asks what happened to him, since he hates his own laughter so much that he had stopped laughing and even put on an iron mask. Kamazo, however, doesn’t answer and continues to laugh through his tears. Kid then asks what Kaidou or Orochi did to him and the others, calling Kamazo by his real name: Killer. Luffy remembers that Killer was one of Kid’s men he saw briefly on the Sabaody Archipelago. Hyogoro suspects that Orochi forced Killer to eat a Smile fruit that doomed him to only laugh for the rest of his life. Luffy, in turn, now understands that Kid was captured because he tried to free Killer. Furious, Kid asks who did this to his friend and what happened to the rest of his crew. However, the guards just laugh at Kid instead of giving him an answer. Luffy is angry now too and yells at Queen to finally get on with the sumo matches.

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