One Piece Episode 941


Flower Capital, Rasetsu, Prison: Nami, Franky, Robin, Usopp, Sanji, Kanjuro and Shinobu now arrive at the execution site as well and find Yasuie dead. However, what also shocks the Straw Hats is that all of Ebisu’s people who loved Yasuie are laughing at his death.

Onigashima: Kaidou follows everything via a video snail and thinks Orochi really has a sick sense of humor.

Udon, Prison / Labor Camp: Hyogoro’s tears come at the sight of the dead Yasuie, while Luffy asks why everyone on the screen is laughing, as he can’t imagine this is normal. Hyogoro agrees with Luffy, explaining that it must be because of the Smile fruit, and that there are some people here in the prison who can only laugh too.

Bakura: Meanwhile, Ashura wants to enlighten Kinemon and Inuarashi about what the Smile Fruit is all about.

Rasetsu: Shinobu on her side in turn explains it, through tears, to Nami & Co. The smiling, happy faces from the people of Ebisu are like masks they can never take off for the rest of their lives. In exchange for weapons, Kaidou brought an artificial fruit to the island that gave people the powers of animals, but they lost the ability to swim. Franky explains that they already heard about the artificial devil fruit and destroyed the factory that makes it. Shinobu explains that tons of them have already arrived on the island though. Kaidou’s goal was thus to create the strongest pirate gang ever. However, the fruit has a huge catch. The success rate is only 10%, in other words, if ten people eat one fruit each, only one will get the powers. The other nine, in addition to losing their ability to swim, would also lose all emotions except for joy and laughter, freezing their face into a smile forever. According to Shinobu, Kaidou doesn’t care about the safety of his crew. The fighters in his gang are divided into three groups: those who haven’t eaten any fruit yet and are waiting for new fruit (the Waiters), those who have already eaten some and got animal abilities from it (the Gifters), and those who ate the fruit but now have to smile and laugh forever (the Pleasures). Because of this risk of just smiling and laughing forever, and to make fun of those who didn’t get abilities, Doflamingo, Caesar, and Kaidou named the fruit Smile Fruit. Nami & Co. are about to comment on this when Shinobu explains that the real tragedy only begins here. Orochi noted that unlike proper devil fruits, the failed Pleasures fruits continued to retain their side effects after the first bite, allowing one to create more Pleasures. Since he couldn’t bear the miserable sight of Ebisu’s beggars, he had the bitten Smile fruits mixed among the scraps and leftovers examined by the impoverished. After just a few bites, everyone naturally realized what kind of fruit this was, however, they were all starving and thus were forced to eat the fruits that robbed them of their emotions. Since then, the people of Ebisu can only laugh and smile. The straw hats are shocked when they hear this.

Meanwhile, Hiyori has told Zoro and Brook everything, so she asks Zoro not to be angry at people who actually want to cry but can’t. Hiyori explains that this was Orochi’s greatest sin. He took away people’s right and ability to grieve the loss of loved ones who have died.

Meanwhile, Orochi insults Yasuie, really laughs at his death and even jokes about it. Afterwards, he starts dancing and tells Ebisu’s people to laugh louder as a way to say goodbye to Yasuie.

Toko, meanwhile, has managed to get through the barrier and runs to her father’s body. She pulls out the frog oil medicine she got from Usopp, hoping to cure him with it. When Usopp sees this, he blames himself since the frog oil doesn’t have such effects and he was just exaggerating to sell it back then. Meanwhile, Hiyori runs to the barrier but can’t get through. She calls out to Toko to hurry back to her. However, Toko is desperately trying to heal her father. When Orochi sees her, he then wants to shoot her as well. However, the barrier is suddenly destroyed and Toko is saved by two men at the last second. They are Zoro and Sanji.

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