One Piece Episode 940


Bakura: Shutenmaru aka Ashura has come to town to settle his score with Holdem when he suddenly sees the broadcast of Yasuie’s execution. Kinemon and Inuarashi find him shortly after.

Flower Capital, Rasetsu Prison District: Yasuie laughs at his own comment from earlier where he called Orochi a vermin. Further, however, he wants to apologize to the people and explains that the flyer Orochi’s people found announcing the return from the Kozuki clan was just a prank of his to annoy Orochi. Yasuie explains that after Oden’s death, the four remaining daimyo, including him, were given the choice of serving him or fighting against him. According to Yasuie, a ridiculous question since they all drew their swords the same. Orochi was in Oden’s debt, but still used guile to trick his way into the title of shogun instead of earning it. No one in their right mind would choose Orochi, according to Yasuie. But Orochi had Kaidou on his side, who killed all the daimyo for him, only Yasuie survived and was able to hide in Ebisu. But in order to not die an ordinary death and anger Orochi once again, Yasuie explains, he had spread the flyers. He still calls Orochi a coward afterwards, who would have thrown innocent people into prison just because they have a popular tattoo.

Orochi’s palanquin has arrived by now, with Orochi standing on its roof with a rifle ready to shoot Yasuie himself for the insults. Orochi angrily asks him if he has any last words. Yasuie thinks for a moment and decides to put another curse on him, saying “A man of such low caliber as you shall never have a taste of Oden.” Yasuie starts laughing in response, with Orochi imagining that even Oden himself was laughing at him right now.

Bakura: Kinemon understands that Yasuie is lying about the flyer thing to take the blame so the plan will work again. However, this also means that he is sacrificing himself for her.

Rasetsu: In his mind, Yasuie is glad that he can use his lie to help Kinemon & Co. make the plan work again. He thus wants to leave the rest to Kinemon and Momonosuke. Meanwhile, Orochi’s soldiers have less and less faith in Orochi’s judgment, believing that they have now imprisoned innocent people just because of paranoia. Toko, Zoro, Brook and Hiyori have also reached the square by now. Meanwhile, Yasuie is the last daimyo to say goodbye. Orochi then begins to shoot him, after which his soldiers do the same.

Flashback, Hakumai: Kinemon and the other Akazaya, still quite young at the time, sit tied up in front of Yasuie. The latter asks why they tried to steal money from him. Kinemon then explains that Oden is almost broke and they want to help him. Yasuie can’t believe what weird henchmen Oden has and leaves them the money. He leaves for a moment and then adds another bag of money. Kinemon understands what this is about, to which Yasuie asks them if they like Oden, to which Kinemon & co. confirm. Yasuie then explains that the extra money is for them to learn manners, dress decently, and buy books to educate themselves. Yasuie explains that Oden is going to be the next Shogun and therefore needs the best samurai, so Kinemon & Co. should work on themselves so as not to disgrace him.

Present: Ebisu and Toko’s people watch as Yasuie is shot multiple times until his dead body falls from the stake he was tied to. Zoro is shocked, but what shocks him even more is that shortly after, Ebisu and Toko’s people start laughing hysterically out loud. Furious, Zoro asks what’s so funny about it. Tears come to Hiyori’s eyes and she explains to Zoro that Ebisu and Toko’s people are actually crying, however, they have been stripped of any facial expressions and emotions except for joy and laughter. The cause of this is what Kaidou and Orochi brought to the island: the SMILE fruit.

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