One Piece Episode 939


Flower Capital: The funeral procession for Komurasaki has begun and the people weep bitterly for her. Orochi is still on his way to the place where the funeral service and the execution of Tonoyasu are to take place. He hears over Den-den Mushi, to his delight, that the execution will start when he arrives.

Rasetsu, Prison: Tonoyasu makes his way to the execution site. He is tied to a stake, which is then set up. His headscarf falls off and his afro is now visible to everyone. Tonoyasu, meanwhile, enjoys the sight and remembers what Oden used to say, “Oden be Oden only if you cook him too.”

Ebisu: A video snail has also been set up in the small village showing the execution. The Straw Hats in the village wonder if Tonoyasu is really the thief, but what makes them wonder even more is why everyone in the village is laughing at the sight of their “saint” being executed. Shinobu and Kanjuro now realize who he really is after seeing Tonoyasu’s hair in its full glory.

Bakura: Holdem also has a video snail set up. Kinemon and Inuarashi have just come into town to look for Ashura when they see the broadcast. Both are shocked at who is about to be executed.

Udon: Hyogoro is also shocked, whereupon Luffy asks him if he knew the man with the afro. Hyogoro then explains that this man was the former Daimyo of Hakumai who served the Kozuki clan.

Ebisu: Kanjuro and Shinobu explain that Tonoyasu is a fake name and his real name is Shimotsuki Yasuie, formerly known as Yasuie the Hedgehog because of his hair. Shinobu explains that he used to be extremely serious and never smiled once, which is why they didn’t recognize him.

Rasetsu: The people who recognize him demand his release. Yasuie just laughs and says he’s glad they haven’t forgotten about him.

Flashback, Hakumai: Yasuie gives a speech to motivate his samurai. Oden overheard this while he was eating something, and says that he expected nothing less from the strongest samurai of Wano Country. Yasuie thinks Oden should finally get his act together and behave according to his position, with Oden explaining that he was recently kicked out of the castle. People would also already say that he doesn’t have what it takes to be the next Shogun and that Yasuie is much more suited for that. Yasuie is furious at how carefree and unconcerned Oden talks about this and gives him a punch, stating that he shouldn’t take stupid talk seriously. Furthermore, Yasuie says that Oden shouldn’t forget that he is the only true heir to the Kozuki clan, so he should try to live up to his father’s expectations. However, Oden finds this a bit annoying and would rather go out to sea, but unfortunately the laws forbid it, at which point Yasuie gives him a kicking. Yasuie thinks Oden shouldn’t say anything about it until he’s become a proper samurai. Oden has to start laughing in response.

Present: Yasuie laughs and tells people that there’s no point in complaining since Orochi won’t let him go. However, he wants to apologize for two things first and then say something to stupid Orochi before he leaves this world.

Meanwhile, Toko has managed to free herself from Zoro’s grip and has almost arrived at the flower capital. Zoro, Hiyori and Brook run after her.

Rasetsu: Daikoku fired a non-fatal shot at Yasuie for insulting the Shogun and then reads the charges. He explains that Yasuie was found guilty of theft last night and past rebellion against Orochi. Furthermore, he would have admitted to being the Ushimitsu boy who steals from the rich. Yasuie then interjects that he had lied about this. He had only said this so that he would be given the attention he needed.

X. Meanwhile, Drake and Hawkins, who are watching the execution, receive word that Ebisu’s people are rushing the city.

The people of Ebisu storm into town laughing and shouting that they can’t let Yasuie die. The samurai of the town want to stop them, but are secretly prevented from doing so by the Straw Hats, including Robin and Usopp.

Yasuie thinks that the Shogun is really such an idiot that he feels sorry for his subordinates. Yasuie then calls out to the people to go see the capital. The beauty of this city was built over generations by the Kozuki clan and commoners, and Orochi wouldn’t have the right to take credit for it. The only thing Orochi would have brought to the country would be dried up or polluted rivers, destroyed villages and fields, so he would be nothing more than disgusting vermin.

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