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Udon, Prison / Labor Camp: After Hyogoro defeats Alpacaman with his enhanced armor haki, he goes down on his knees himself, as such an attack is too much for his old, weakened body. Luffy then picks him up on his shoulders and wants him to teach him this attack. Meanwhile, Madilloman attacks them both again, but Luffy is able to dodge without any problems. Hyogoro explains that Haki’s name with them is Ryuo, which means flow. Luffy is therefore told to try to imagine that his Haki is flowing through his body and he must redirect the flow to his fist, using unused Haki as well. Luffy tries, but it only results in an extremely hard punch that knocks Madilloman out of the ring and causes him to lose consciousness. When Luffy then shouts that he should finally be given more opponents, even the calm Queen slowly loses his patience and shouts to his men to finally push Luffy to his limits.

Meanwhile, Kiku, Chopper, Momonosuke, Tama and Big Mom are still on the road, with Big Mom getting more and more hungry. But according to Kiku, they won’t arrive in Udon until tonight at the earliest.

Flower Capital, Ebisu, Yasu’s House: Yasu explains that he knew about the big battle and the meeting place right away because of the flyer. He finds that Kinemon has outdone himself on this point, but unfortunately the enemy has found out about it as well. Yasu explains that if they said it was just a hoax, they could bring about the release of those captured so far, but it could also backfire and alienate allies. Yasu states that he and other acquaintances will definitely support them in their fight against Orochi. He orders Kinemon nice regards and expresses his joy at seeing Shinobu and Kanjuro again. He then stands up and says that he has a lot of work to do before he leaves. After Tonoyasu leaves, Sanji asks Kanjuro and Shinobu who Yasu actually is, since he seems to know them both. However, Kanjuro has to confess that they have no idea. However, since he was talking to them so familiarly, they felt it would be rude to ask who actually is in the middle of the conversation. Perhaps he was someone important they had simply forgotten. Not knowing how he knows Yasu is almost driving Kanjuro crazy.

Udon: Luffy defeats challenger after challenger, however he fails to master the technique, which frustrates him quite a bit. Hyogoro tries to tell Luffy to stay calm, as Haki would not flow into an angry fist.

Ebisu: Tonoyasu runs from one house to another helping people. He gives money to the older ones so they can buy something to eat. Nami and Usopp are impressed by this selflessness and think that Yasu must be earning well if he can give away so much money, to which an old woman explains that Yasu’s daughter Toko is the one earning the money since she was sold to the capital. Still, she sends most of her money to her father, who in turn thinks that he doesn’t deserve it and therefore gives it to the poorer ones who are no longer able to take care of themselves. For this reason, Yasu is a saint to the people of Ebisu.

Udon: Night has fallen by now and most have already retreated. Luffy and Hyogoro continue to be held in the ring, with guards guarding it in case of an escape attempt or someone trying to give them something. Since Luffy has no other opponents for the night, Hyogoro takes the opportunity to ask Luffy why he actually wants to fight Kaidou. So they can talk uninterrupted, Luffy uses his king shaki to knock all the guards unconscious. Luffy explains that Kaidou is one of the Four Emperors, who are considered the strongest pirates, and in order to become Pirate King, Luffy has set out to become stronger than them. Hyogoro then remembers how Roger once came to Wano Country, to which Luffy says that Kinemon told him about that too. Hyogoro is surprised to hear that name and asks how Luffy knows Kinemon. Suddenly, a laugh is heard and a lot of mud piles up behind Hyogoro. It’s Caribou, whose sea stone handcuffs were removed by Raizo, which is why he can use his devil powers again. He had Raizo hidden in his body and releases it so that he can talk to Luffy and Hyogoro.

Flower Capital: The famous thief Ushimitsu has been spotted again and the guards are running after him to finally catch him.

Udon: Raizo has explained everything to Hyogoro, who can hardly believe it. Luffy, in turn, can hardly believe that the keys Raizo found were for Caribou’s handcuffs. However, the latter wants to show his gratitude and serve Luffy here in return, if Luffy will take him off the island later in return. Luffy then understands that Caribou is just desperate for a ride. However, since Caribou promised him that he has changed, Luffy is willing to believe him without a second thought, to Caribou’s own shock. Hyogoro, meanwhile, is glad to have survived this long to find out that Oden’s samurai and son, as well as the rebellion against Orochi, are still alive. Hyogoro then asks Luffy and Raizo to join them in the fight against Orochi and Kaidou. He goes on to explain that there are ten thousand prisoners in this prison, with a large portion only imprisoned because they stood against Orochi, making them allies as well. Luffy now understands that if he takes the prison apart, they’ll get a whole bunch of allies, which is why he first asks Caribou to organize some food so he can regain his strength. Caribou has already stolen a giant pot of Queen’s red bean soup and gives it to Luffy and Hyogoro. The latter take a good helping of it.

Meanwhile, Big Mom & Co. have reached Udon and it doesn’t take them long to get to the prison. Big Mom is getting hungrier and groans for the promised red bean soup.

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