One Piece Episode 936


Ringo, Hut: Komurasaki explains to Zoro that she is Momonosuke’s sister Hiyori Kozuki. With more and more rumors about the Kozuki clan and now even meeting someone from outside, she asks Zoro if he’s an ally of her brother, which he confirms. Before they talk further though, Zoro asks if it’s really a good thing that Toko is hearing all this. However, Toko explains that she already knows the story, as she was one of Hiyori’s few confidants who knew her true identity. Zoro asks why Hiyori didn’t travel through time with her brother, but she explains that there was still a chance of something happening to Momonosuke in the future. Therefore, to ensure that the Kozuki family would continue, it was decided that of the children, only one would travel to the future and the other would remain in the present. Hiyori had already almost lost her will to live since her entire family had disappeared within a day. However, Kawamatsu, one of the samurai of Oden, took care of her. He also rescued her from the burning castle by jumping into a castle moat with her and staying underwater for a while until he could resurface with her somewhere else. Since then he took care of her and raised her. He didn’t eat much himself, so she had enough to eat. But about seven years later, when Hiyori was 13, Kawamatsu was caught. She hasn’t heard from him since. She then asks Zoro who else will help them against Orochi and Kaidou. She is overjoyed to hear that Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are alive. However, Zoro explains that they currently haven’t found all of the Nine Akazaya yet. Kawamatsu, Ashura, and Denjiro are still missing, but Hiyori is sure that they will show up for the fight as well. After everything is settled, Zoro lies down to sleep. Some time later, Toko lays down as well, with Hiyori noticing that the fire has gone out and they’re out of firewood. She, of course, doesn’t want them to freeze and thinks of ways to keep them warm while they sleep.

Udon, Prison/Labor Camp: Luffy explained to Hyogoro that he tries to use his haki to send a punch without touching the opponent. Similar to what he saw Rayleigh and Sentomaru do. Hyogoro guesses that haki is the foreign term for an ability they know here as well, which can be used to sheathe a sword, for example. Thus, it’s even able to cut through iron, even though it’s actually so blunt it couldn’t even cut paper. Meanwhile, Madilloman and Alpacaman have regained consciousness and are about to attack again. Hyogoro stands in front of Luffy this time to show him something. However, Luffy is supposed to give instructions to fend off the opponents’ counterattack.

Flower Capital, Ebisu: Law is offended that Shinobu accused his crew of revealing the plan to the enemy. Law thinks that without trust, they can’t work together, so he goes off on his own to save his crew. Nami and Usopp are outside the hut now wondering what to do when they suddenly hear shouting. An old woman comes in and explains that they have three new arrivals who are now forced to live here. They are Bingo, Bungo and Bongo who were cheated out of their money by Hiyori aka Komurasaki. The old woman explains that the three of them were also responsible for some crimes in the past. For example, Bungo set several houses on fire, but was never convicted because he bribed the officials. Nami asks why he did such a thing in the first place, to which the old woman explains that someone made a profit. The houses that were burnt down had to be rebuilt, which allowed the timber merchant Bongo to make some money. Further, the priest/money lender Bingo would have then lent money to the people who lost everything in the fire. Only to then charge extremely high interest rates to make a profit himself. All three were thus working together. The old woman explains that Yasu felt sorry for the three of them and thus offered them shelter, though they show no gratitude. Usopp praises Yasu’s good heart for helping even such people.

Udon: With Luffy’s instructions, Hyogoro is able to dodge Alpacaman’s attack and counterattack. He uses his armor haki and makes his arm turn black, but he concentrates more energy into his arm and manages to do the exact attack that Luffy has been trying to do all along. With just one attack, Hyogoro thus manages to defeat Alpacaman. Hyogoro then tells Luffy that if this was the attack he’s been trying to learn all along, he’d be happy to help him do it. Luffy is thrilled and is eager for Hyogoro to teach him.

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