One Piece Episode 935


Udon, Prison/Labour Camp: Alpacaman and Madilloman enter the arena next. Madilloman is equipped with two pistols that shoot sea stone bullets, and therefore believes himself certain of his victory. Queen, however, has to laugh at this comment, knowing that Luffy is currently still strong enough to take on such opponents. Madilloman announces that the first thing he’s going to do is take out Hyogoro. Luffy, in turn, uses his haki to briefly see into the future and then tells Hyogoro what to do next. Following Luffy’s instructions, Hyogoro manages to dodge and counter all of the attacks. Madilloman then fires at Luffy, but he is able to dodge all the shots with his observation shaki and continues to shout at Hyogoro what to do to counter Alpacaman’s attacks. Luffy, on the other hand, now wants to go on the offensive to see if he can copy Rayleigh’s armor haki attack this time. However, it mostly just ends up being a normal Armor Khaki strike, which is why Luffy always ends up breaking off the attack right before he hits Madilloman, shouting in frustration that it’s wrong.

Flower Capital, Rasetsu District, Public Prison: Fukurokuju presents to the public all the men who were captured as rebels. Bepo, Penguin, and Shachi lie injured in a corner, hoping their allies won’t believe they told anything about the plan.

Udon: Alpacaman and Madilloman try to finish Luffy off with a combination attack, but Luffy manages to knock them back again with just one punch. Still, it was again not what Luffy actually intended to do. Hyogoro then asks him what he’s been talking about and trying to accomplish all this time. Luffy explains that he sees this as his personal training and is trying to execute an attack without touching the opponent. In this way, he hopes to develop an attack that will penetrate through Kaidou’s scales as well.

Ringo, Northern Cemetery: Zoro wakes up in a run-down shack while Komurasaki is cooking something. Zoro remembers that Gyukimaru still has his sword and wants to set out to retrieve it. Komurasaki, on the other hand, wants to stop him, as his injury, though bandaged, has not fully healed. Toko offers him the frog oil she bought from Usopp, which supposedly heals all wounds. While Toko gives Zoro the frog oil, she asks him to stay with them. Komurasaki states that he should at least stay until his shoulder is better, to which Zoro agrees. Then at dinner, Zoro learns that Gyukimaru is always at the bridge to take people’s weapons. This reassures Zoro, as it means he wouldn’t have to go looking for him much, and also gives him time. He asks the two why Kamazo wanted to kill them, to which Komurasaki explains that they pissed off Orochi and that’s why a hitman should kill them. After a few moments of thinking, she asks Zoro not to tell anyone what happened next. She explains her real name is Hiyori and she is looking for her older brother Momonosuke.

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