One Piece Episode 934


Ringo: Zoro and Kamazo have shed their cloaks and are now fighting each other more seriously, with Zoro feeling like he’s missing something without a third sword.

Udon, Prison / Work Camp: Luffy demands some better opponents from Queen, whereupon the gifter Bearman is sent. Luffy’s normal punches do absolutely nothing on this opponent, so he wants to see if he can use the armor haki technique like Rayleigh this time. After just one amplified punch, Bearman goes down. Luffy is annoyed, however, because he had struck again and didn’t create some kind of shockwave like Rayleigh.

Kuri, Deserted Village / Kinemon’s Hiding Place: Kinemon tells Inuarashi that Orochi and his men seem to know about the tattoo on the ankle and the flyers. Since they were very careful with this information, Kinemon wonders how the enemy could possibly know about it. Furthermore, allies are apparently being arrested in the flower capital right now because of this.

Flower Capital: Orochi and Kaidou’s men capture all the men who have a moon tattoo on their ankle and/or the rebel flyer. Hawkins and X. Drake oversee the whole thing. Tonoyasu finds a flyer in the alleys and immediately recognizes the rebel symbol and what it means. Meanwhile, at the brothel, several people are mourning Komurasaki’s death after reading about it in the paper. Kyoshiro just thinks that he lost the most with Komurasaki’s death, since now his best source of income is gone. Also, Orochi is pretty frustrated because of her death and because of the flyers.

Ebisu: Tonoyasu returns to his house where he hears from some kids that his guests (Sanji, Law & Co.) are fighting. Tonoyasu gives the kids something to make them leave and goes inside the cabin to see for himself. Law wants to save his crew, but Shinobu thinks it’s idiotic. Especially since they’d just be walking straight into a trap. Currently, more and more rebels are getting caught and Shinobu blames Law’s crew for it, saying they betrayed everything. Law finds this insulting, as Bepo and the others would never betray their friends. Law then wants to leave. Sanji tries to mediate, however, he fails. Shinobu, meanwhile, shouts that Law had better kill his men, as this is the usual procedure in the ninja world for captured people to avoid giving up information. Kanjuro admonishes Shinobu for continuing to insult her allies. He says it’s a miracle as it is that they found such people with the same goal, without whose help they’ll never be able to comply with Oden’s request. Tonoyasu enters at that moment to ease the tension. Friendly, he greets Nami and compliments her. He then recognizes Shinobu and Kanjuro, after which he pulls out the flyer and explains that this must really be real then. He explains that he’s already looking forward to the upcoming battle.

Ringo: Zoro’s battle against his fierce opponent with the insane pool continues. But in the middle of the fight, Zoro is attacked again by Gyukimaru. Zoro is able to avoid this attack, but Kamazo seizes the moment and manages to pierce Zoro’s shoulder with his blade. However, Zoro uses this to his advantage. He first tenses his body so Kamazo can’t get the blade out, and then pulls it out himself so he can use it as a third sword. He strengthens his swords with haki and then defeats Kamazo with just one attack. Gyukimaru again slowly leaves while Zoro collapses himself due to hunger and his injury, at which point Komurasaki runs over to him.

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