One Piece Episode 933


Wasteland: Momonosuke, Chopper, Tama, Kiku and Big Mom are still on their way to the work camp. Big Mom is getting hungrier as they go, chatting with Tama about how good red bean soup would taste and how much she’s looking forward to the one in Udon. Chopper, meanwhile, is getting more and more nervous and imagines the worst case scenario if Big Mom doesn’t get any soup there. This shock and meeting Luffy could bring back her memories and she would attack, not helping Luffy but putting her in danger.

Udon, Prison/Labor Camp: Queen watches Luffy’s sumo battles while eating his bean soup. Luffy has defeated all of the Pleasures. Hyogoro congratulates Luffy on another victory, but Luffy says it didn’t go the way he intended. He tries to imitate the armor haki, which Rayleigh had once shown him to defeat an elephant. At the time, Rayleigh managed to do this without even touching the elephant. Luffy now knows that this was a fairly trained armor haki, but if he masters this technique, he could possibly damage Kaidou as well.

Daifugo finally wants to get in the ring and kill Luffy so the execution is over, but Queen explains that the length and number of opponents is just what is diabolical about this execution. With each fight, no matter the outcome, Luffy would keep losing some stamina and getting weaker until he can’t anymore. Therefore, they will drag this execution out as long as they can. Further, Queen demands another bowl of red bean soup, which is his favorite and he won’t give anyone any of it. Meanwhile, when Luffy asks for new opponents to train his technique, Queen sends him the Gifters next.

Luffy’s first opponents are two familiar faces who had kidnapped Tama back in the day: Batman and Gazelleman. The two want to take revenge on Luffy instead of Holdem, but both are defeated by Luffy with a Haki enhanced punch each. Luffy tried to copy Rayleigh’s technique each time in the process, but hadn’t succeeded and doesn’t know a proper approach to it yet.

Ringo: Zoro continues to fight Gyukimaru, who explains that Ryuma is revered as a great hero of Wano Country because he supposedly defeated every enemy instantly, defeated a dragon that threatened the land, and protected Wano Country from several marauders from outside, which is why his sword is a national treasure. Zoro realizes how important the sword is to Wano Country, yet he wants it back since he ends up fighting with three swords. Gyukimaru again explains that the Shuusui is a “Black Sword”, which was forged by Ryuma’s fighting, so Zoro would have no right to it. Zoro is made to wonder by this last sentence if Gyukimaru might be referring to Haki, since blades of a sword also turn black with it. Suddenly, a woman’s cry for help is heard. As Zoro turns to check on her, he is attacked by Gyukimaru, who sees his chance. However, Zoro is able to fend off the attack. The woman, Komurasaki, has a child with her, who in turn is Toko. Because of Toko’s laughter, Zoro isn’t sure if they really need help at first, but when he sees that they are hurt and someone is after them, he runs to them. He is able to stop the women’s attacker, who turns out to be the serial killer Kamazo. While Zoro stops the latter’s sickles, Gyukimaru tries to attack again, but Zoro is able to block again. Zoro explains that they’ll have to postpone their fight for now. Komurasaki asks Kamazo why he is after her. Kamazo explains that he just wants to kill the little girl, at which point Komurasaki realizes that Kamazo must not be a serial killer at all, but a secret assassin in the service of Orochi, so she asks Zoro for help. Zoro promises to help her if she gives him something to eat and drink later, after which they have a deal. Thus, a fight ensues between the two, with Zoro quickly realizing that his fierce opponent is not to be underestimated and that he must get serious.


The comparison
  • The scene shown in Gyukimaru’s narration of Ryuma’s victory against the dragon is pretty much exactly the same as the depiction in Monsters.
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