One Piece Episode 931


Udon, Prison/Labour Camp: Luffy tries to climb over the massive prison walls with Hyogoro. The guards find this ridiculous and throw rocks and weapons at him to force him to surrender. Luffy is more or less able to dodge these attacks, but a barrage from Babanuki eventually brings him and Hyo down again. Daifugo then leads a squad of guards to capture the two. At first, Luffy is able to defend himself, but due to the sea stone handcuffs, each action only makes him weaker until he and Hyo are held by Daifugo and Babanuki again. Queen comes in and tells them both that he has news for them.

Ebisu: Tonoyasu leaves a house in his village to Franky, Usopp and Law, as they are friends of Zoro and some houses are empty as the previous owners died due to starvation. Franky asks where Zoro actually is, to which Tonoyasu explains that he noticed his sword was stolen, after which he ran out of the village to get it back. Law notices that Sanji is also missing. Usopp now notices this as well, and remembers the latter muttering to himself that he would like to try out his new skills in a bathhouse.

Bathhouse, Flower Capital: Nami, Robin, and Shinobu try to relax a bit, though Nami can’t relax much since it’s a mixed bathhouse. As they go to wash their backs, which an octopus takes over, Nami overhears some talking about how Hyogoro was a better yakuza boss than Kyoshiro. Shinobu explains that with his help, they could easily get 5,000 allies together as well, since he had a lot of connections and he was loyal to Oden as well. However, rumors say that Hyogoro was executed by Orochi for not wanting to ally with him and Kaidou. Fukurokuju and his ninjas didn’t want to risk this and sided with Orochi, after which Shinobu had left the ninja clan and became their enemy.

Udon: Raizo searches for Luffy and finds him with Hyogoro in the courtyard on Queen’s stage. Since they are surrounded by enemies, Raizo cannot get to them to give them the keys to the handcuffs. Queen explains that Luffy will be forgiven for his offenses if he joins Kaidou’s pirate gang. However, Luffy refuses the offer, which reminds Queen of how Hyogoro made the same decision 20 years ago. Queen then makes fun of what a weak little man Hyogoro has become. After briefly pondering what to do with the two troublemakers after that, he gets an idea. Raizo is watching the whole thing from a distance when suddenly a voice addresses him from a cell, unable to believe that Raizo really hasn’t aged a day. Raizo recognizes the voice. It is his lost comrade Kawamatsu. Tears of joy come to Raizo’s eyes, and Kawamatsu is also glad that he has endured the last 13 years in this place. He asks Raizo when the battle against Kaidou is supposed to start, to which Raizo explains that it should start in nine days, on the day of the festival. Kawamatsu likes the idea and asks Raizo to free him. Raizo sets out to find the keys to Kawamatsu’s cell and chains, but he is discovered by the guards, who sound the alarm, after which he quickly disappears.

Queen, meanwhile, had a sumo ring brought in, which he, Luffy and Hyogoro enter. He puts two collars on the two of them and uses a stone pillar, which also has one on it, to demonstrate what happens when you leave the ring. The stone pillar suddenly breaks into two as blades came out in the inside of the collar, severing the pillar. Queen explains that this is the beginning of his Sumo Inferno and explains the rules. Luffy and Hyogoro will face off as a team against multiple opponents until they are thrown out of the ring and thus die, or until Luffy decides to become part of Kaidou’s team. The number of opponents changes constantly, and Luffy and Hyo are not allowed to use weapons while their opponents are. However, to accommodate them somewhat, Queen removes Luffy’s sea stone handcuffs. Raizo, having seen this from afar, then wonders whose keys he stole if these weren’t the keys to Luffy’s handcuffs. Luffy, meanwhile, is happy to have his full strength back and makes Queen a suggestion that if he beats him, he’ll walk out of here. Queen feels this is unbelievable cheek.

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