One Piece Episode 930


Udon, Officer’s Tower: Raizo has disguised himself as a guard and gone to the officer’s tower, claiming that he has found a handcuff key that needs to be put away immediately. The guards immediately take him and the fake key to the chest containing the keys for the sea stone handcuffs. When this is opened to put the fake key in, Raizo takes his chance and grabs a bunch of keys from the chest. He overpowers the guards and then flees the tower.

Udon, Court: Daifugo is still asking Hyo to tell him the name of whoever gave him all the food stamps. But the old man refuses, even if it means his death. He says that the man who gave him the stamps is just and stands up for the weak, which reminded Hyo of a past time in Wano Country, as well as his old self when he was Hyogoro the Flower. For that reason, he will not betray him. Luffy has had enough and despite everyone begging him not to, he runs at Daifugo and knocks him out. The guards then demand that Luffy be executed.

Officer Storm: Vice Principal Solitaire learns from a guard who ate of the Crab Smile fruit that Raizo stole the keys. Enraged, she gives the order to search everywhere for him.

Entrance Gate: To the happy surprise of the guards, a small caravan pulled by boars appears, belonging to Queen. As the gates are opened, he hears the guards demanding Luffy’s death.

Yard: Some guards try to attack Luffy, as he is still wearing the sea stone handcuffs and should therefore be an easy opponent. However, Luffy knows how to fight back and is able to defeat several guards. Daifugo is just coming around and doesn’t understand what’s going on and why the sea stone handcuffs aren’t working. The head of Udon Prison Babanuki, an Elephant Smile user, comes in and says that the handcuffs are working because you can see how hard Luffy is already breathing and thus seems to be out of breath. Luffy’s willpower, however, is what keeps him still fighting. Luffy explains that this is all training for him to get stronger and attacks Babanuki next. However, the latter is able to take Luffy down with just one attack. Upon hearing that Queen has arrived, Babanuki sets out to meet him.

Queen has prepared a little stage show for the guards, but looks at his picture of Komurasaki again before he does, which he adores. The other guards wonder if they should tell him what happened in the flower capital with Komurasaki, however they are afraid of how he might react. Queen then begins to put on a little dance show for the guards. Luffy straightens up and takes the opportunity to leave with Hyo. After Queen finishes his dance, he asks Babanuki for the three biggest problems he currently has, sorted from least to most severe. Babanuki then enumerates. Rank 3: The Kid escaped, which is already pretty scary to Queen. Rank 2: The theft of the keys to the sea stone handcuffs, which also shocks Queen greatly. Last, Babanuki calmly explains that Straw Hat Luffy is trying to escape at this very moment. Queen is stunned at what he’s hearing and that Babanuki can remain so calm about it, and orders Luffy recaptured immediately.

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