One Piece Episode 929


Ringo, Cemetery: In a small broken hut, Kanjuro finds Shinobu, Nami, Robin and Brook again. Robin still can’t believe that Komurasaki was just executed like that. Kanjuro explains that there is also an uproar in the flower capital because of this. Shinobu, in turn, tells Kanjuro that yakuza boss Kyoshiro personally carried out the execution. However, Kanjuro has to confess that he doesn’t know the name because 40 years ago, Hyogoro the Flower was the leader of all yakuza in the country. For him, honor and helping those weaker than him were paramount. Nami and Robin are worried about Toko, who brought them back to Kyoshiro’s brothel, so they want to go back to the flower capital. However, to freshen up first, they decide to stop at a bathhouse in the flower capital on the way. Kanjuro would like to know what information Robin was able to gather first. She admits depressed that she couldn’t find out much. Only when Orochi will wake up on the day of the festival, what gifts they will bring to Onigashima, Kaidou’s favorite food and the structure of his organization, and the number of soldiers and weapons. Kanjuro explains that this is extremely important and good information. Brook again mentions that he found a Poneglyph. However, this was not a red Poneglyph, but a normal Poneglyph, so the Road Poneglyph must be on Onigashima.

Ebisu: Sanji read in the paper that Komurasaki died, which hits him hard since she was a beautiful woman. Franky and Usopp are a bit worried about Nami & Co. Meanwhile, Sanji plans to test out his Raid Suit at the nearest bathhouse. Law is also reading the paper, which is how he learns that the Kid has broken out of prison. He suspects that there will probably be riots in Udon soon as well, and worries what has become of Bepo and the others from his crew, since they haven’t reported in for a while.

Queen Mama Chanter: The Big Mom pirates discuss their next course of action, noting that another attempt to climb the waterfall would be ineffective. They’re also worried about their mother, of course, but Perospero explains that there’s no need for that since her Vivre Card is still fine. Since she hasn’t reported in yet, Daifuku suspects that she was captured by Kaidou’s crew. Perospero explains that Kaidou and Big Mom were once members of the same pirate crew, but have become bitter rivals since they both became emperors. Therefore, Perospero wouldn’t be surprised if Kaidou executes them soon. Flampe doesn’t like the idea at all and asks what will become of them then. Perospero replies that they will then just go from being Big Mom pirates to Perospero pirates. Daifuku disagrees, since by strength, rank, and bounty, Katakuri is next in the hierarchy. Perospero, however, doesn’t want to follow his little brother and thinks they should go by age. An argument ensues between the two, which Smoothie ends by clarifying that their mother doesn’t die easily, which is why they shouldn’t make preparations for it.

Big Mom, meanwhile, tamed a crocodile shark by giving it two blows to the head. Tama, in turn, has explained to Hitetsu via Den-den Mushi what they’re up to. The swordsmith doesn’t like this at all, but Kiku assures him that everything will be fine. Meanwhile, Momonosuke is still training on the crocodile shark, calling Sunacchi several times. Kiku asks where he picked up the word, to which Momonosuke explains that Zoro taught it to him. He should say this to get more power in his punches, he says. Kiku forbids Momonosuke from saying this, saying that it’s an old war cry from Kuri and it doesn’t befit someone of Momonosuke’s status. Big Mom, meanwhile, asks how much longer it will take them to get to Udon, as she’s starting to get hungry again. Kiku then uses a map to explain the layout of Wano Country and their current position.

Udon, Prison / Labor Camp: Luffy and Hyo are back at work, with Luffy giving Hyo some food stamps since he’s fallen over from hunger again. Hyo thanks him and immediately sets off to redeem them. Luffy, meanwhile, is stopped by a prison guard named Alpacaman, who asks him if he knows anything about Kid’s prison break. While Hyo, after getting his dumplings, is stopped by the vice-prison warden Daifugo, Luffy has to put up with Alpacaman and his wet talking. The latter thinks the Kid will be caught soon enough, since he’s still wearing his sea stone handcuffs and his plan isn’t particularly well thought out. Suddenly they hear a loud groan. They see Daifugo repeatedly kicking Hyo, who refuses to release the dumplings and even eats them though they fell in the dirt. Daifugo wants to punish Hyo for redeeming food stamps he didn’t earn himself and demands Hyo explain who gave them to him. However, Hyo refuses to tell him whereupon Daifugo wants to kill him. Luffy can’t watch this any longer and walks up to Daifugo.

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